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Horoscope Of The Heart: How The Signs React To Sadness

Find out how each zodiac sign reacts during the most difficult periods in life!

It can be hard to face sadness, but people react differently: some don’t recognize it, others don’t accept it, and others let it destroy their whole life. It’s hard, but learning how to control your feelings can be useful in life.

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How does each zodiac sign react to sadness

Aries – Impulsivity is not the solution

Aries are generally brave, optimistic, confident, and passionate, but from time to time they also have sad periods, when they don’t think very rationally and become impulsive while trying to mask their anger. They should think carefully before making a decision that can change their lives. This could help them in life to make better decisions on their own person. He could also meditate to calm down and not react to the first external stimulus. This could help them to discover themselves, to know themselves, or in difficult moments when they feel that they are giving in, they could go on a trip to relax and restore their energies.

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Taurus – Close friends are like a golden treasure

It is known that you can always rely on a Taurus because he is a head on his shoulders, is responsible, and is a reliable friend. When they have various events that spoil their good mood, they prefer to retreat somewhere where it is quiet and they can hear their own thoughts. So, although they are usually very patient people, in those moments if they are disturbed they can get angry extremely quickly. Also during this time, Tauruses are likely to sleep and eat more than usual and more chaotically, despite the fact that they are usually very thoughtful and eat as healthy as their schedule allows, otherwise quite well set up. What could help them cope with the pain they feel is to express their concerns and communicate at least with close friends.

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Gemini – Clear mind in any situation

Geminis are known to be curious by nature and to quickly become attached to anyone. Contrary to expectations, during less happy periods it is possible that these natives can solve other people’s problems very easily and think practically much more lucidly. Sometimes, this can be just a way to stop thinking about their own problems, which makes them sad and thus avoid falling into a deeper depression. When I actually interrupt anyone’s words and turn on all the girls, any incident sends a signal to the brain that it needs relaxation. Even if it is easier said than done, with time, the whole body will be grateful if they leave their worries aside and leave themselves to fate.

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Cancer – Integration is the key to well-being

Those born under the Cancer sign have a rich imagination, are extremely loyal, and are very good at the art of persuasion. Also, they are very sensitive and live everything to the fullest and for this reason, it is harder for them to bear sadness. They cry a lot and feel alone many times in the fight against the injustice around them. It would be good for them to go to as many and various social events as possible, precisely to surround themselves with people who can be with them in case of a mental breakdown and to have the opportunity to meet special people. Regular practice of a sport could also help them, individually to keep their mind occupied, but especially with the team to feel the feeling of integration in a group.

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Leo – Changing threads

It is known that Leos are creative, passionate, and open-hearted to anyone. This is exactly what makes them like an open book during less happy periods, which may bring them some dislikes, some people consider that they are exaggerated when they call things by their names and act unintentionally at the expense of others. Leos recover quickly even though they have changeable natures and a solution for them would be to use their artistic sense to express themselves in the plastic form of a painting or in the lyrical form of an emotional poem. However, it is important to be aware of what is happening to them and not to try to hide in any way, because otherwise they risk isolating themselves more than they should and turning the mosquito into a stallion.

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Virgo – Pessimism is a serious disease

Virgos are loyal, loving, and hardworking. When they are sad, they may want to be alone and to break away from everything that means the daily hustle and bustle of a crowded metropolis where you can’t do anything without at least one person not knowing and it is possible to react impulsively, which obviously will attract some dislikes. When they are sad or angry, they can become pessimistic and even mean, because they do not understand what is happening to them and why the world around them seems so cheerful compared to them. Keeping a diary with all their experiences might help them, practically writing what they do daily and what they feel every step of the way will unload and give way to positive feelings. Thus, they will be able to meditate on their life or restore their connection with divinity.

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Libra – First impressions matter, but they don’t define the person

As their name suggests, Libras are very balanced and have a developed sense of justice, doubled by diplomacy and their social nature. When they feel out of place, they can have the feeling that they don’t find their place in the world and that they no longer know how to react to various even trivial events. They might want to keep their sadness to themselves and not talk to anyone but this is not a good attitude for anyone, they will want to keep their sadness to themselves so as not to make those around them change their opinion about their person, who always seems to be cheerful and positive. He might just want to keep his image pristine.

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Scorpio – A desert island seems like a dream

Scorpios are known as brave and tenacious people and when they feel sad they prefer to mask this. They might go too quickly from an exuberant state to a rather shy one, or from being super friendly with everyone to bringing even meanness to most. It can help these natives to retreat somewhere isolated, away for a few days from problems and people who overwhelm them with their negative feelings and thus suck all their vital energy. The unique nature of Scorpios, full of resources, makes them, however, not fall into massive depressions, to find within themselves the strength to move on, over any weight of life, and to learn from every mistake they make.

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Sagittarius – Addiction is easy to obtain and hard to refuse

Sagittarians are funny, generous, and idealistic, that’s why it’s strange to see them sad because everyone likes them and makes certain things easier for them. This does not prevent them from feeling extremely alone and falling down a lot when they encounter any difficulty or sometimes even without any visible reason. Sometimes in their attempt to raise their morale, they can fall prey to vices, drugs, and alcohol, which is not mandatory, especially if they call at the right time for the help of a specialist or a very close and reliable friend. Such a dialogue can also help them in the future in the formation of relationships that really matter and do not consume their precious time, that is, relationships that give them meaning in life.

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Capricorn – Trifles should be ignored

Capricorn natives have perfect self-control, they are very tactical, responsible, and disciplined. They like to be self-taught and when they are sad they become pessimistic and lose all hope that evil might not exist. And they could start analyzing too many small things, which only complicates their existence, and could get lost in such uselessness. It would be best for them to call for help from people they really trust and to vent because otherwise, they will fill their souls with bitterness. Talking to a good psychologist or a gracious clergyman would also help them because they could give them certain exercises that would make them see the other side of the glass, be more optimistic and approach life with more positivism.

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Aquarius – A world of their own

Aquarians are the most independent people. It is believed about them that they can detach themselves from any emotion to live in their world, but sometimes they are touched by a deep sadness precisely in the interface itself. It can help them write in a journal everything they feel, without focusing on anything in particular but just letting the words flow because over time they will see both the evolution of the feelings and the evolution of the phrase, at first none of this it is important, only the exteriorization and externalization of one’s own thoughts and feelings. Over the years, they can feel useful if they overcome their egocentrism and help a few people they meet on their countless paths from the initiatory journeys they make.

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Pisces – Born artists, they live too much in the past

In general, Pisces are wise, empathetic, and have the spirit of an artist. During periods of sadness, they can easily get stuck in negative emotions and remember past disappointments, which they apparently haven’t gotten over completely and have a tendency towards pessimism. They cry a lot for pity before really bursting into howls of desperate crying. If they meditate or talk to a specialist and even keep a diary, they can calm down, get over what they don’t know and which can’t affect them in any way, and accept the life they live only once.

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