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What Do You Cook To Get It Ready According To Your Sign

With what food do you conquer him according to his zodiac sign?

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Love does not pass through the stomach, but good food surely goes to your heart. What you choose to put on the table when you invite him to dinner can be the salt and pepper of an unforgettable evening and the beginning of a long series of days and nights spent together.

How to conquer him with the help of food depends on the zodiac sign


Energetic and original, he likes to experiment, so you can surprise him with all kinds of original, not necessarily laborious, dishes. If the food is spicy, from wings to nachos with salsa sauce, your success is almost guaranteed.

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The bulls eat a lot and well. Make sure everything is flawless, from the taste to the presentation! They like to savor every sip. Sweets, pasta, and pies are among their weaknesses. Be happy if he eats everything and asks for another portion!

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Desserts are the favorite part of the meal for many Geminis. They get bored easily, however, and always feel the need to surprise them. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, cook pancakes with various new fillings, both sweet and salty!

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Traditionalist, you win him over if you make him feel at home with you. It would be good to have soup, stew, and papayas for dessert. He himself is very good at cooking, so you can invite him to prepare his favorite dinner together!

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One of the ingredients of success remains the meat but cooked in sophisticated ways. You conquer a Lion with oysters, salmon, foie gras, stuffed turkey and other delicacies. A fine drink is also mandatory with this native at the table!

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These natives are very selective about food and prefer healthy recipes. Dinner for a Virgo man should be light, based on fish and baked vegetables. He also loves fruit, so he will never refuse a seasonal salad!

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Libras eat a little, but diversely. It’s good to wait for it with an appetizer, main course, and necessarily something sweet. Cook his recipes with wine, whether it’s steak, pasta or his favorite part of the meal, dessert. Liqueur conquers them every time!

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Food must delight a Scorpio’s senses to win him over. Take care, therefore, that it is very aromatic, for a hot night in the bedroom. With vanilla, chocolate, pepper, wine, garlic and other aphrodisiac ingredients, go for it!

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You don’t have to worry much about the menu if you have a Sagittarius boyfriend. He is also happy if you want to order pizza, if you make fries, and if you choose an exotic food that you have never heard of. He loves carbohydrates because they give him energy!

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The traditional dishes give him back, provided you prepare them the way he likes. It’s best to ask a Capricorn what he prefers and be sure because he doesn’t like culinary surprises! He considers the atmosphere at least as important as the food itself.

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Aquarius natives try to have a healthy lifestyle and appreciate foods without a lot of fat and with few calories. Try to cook as dietetic as possible, mainly vegetables and cheeses. He will appreciate a raw-vegan dessert or a fruit salad with honey!

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It is one of the signs that eat for pleasure, not hunger. Don’t complicate yourself, because you conquer it with simple recipes. A meatball, a mamaliga with cheese, a steak with potatoes and that’s it! Seafood and fish in any form are also on the list of preferences.

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