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Children Versus The Sages Of The Zodiac

Find out if you are one of the children or adults of the zodiac!

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Thinkers or naive, rational or emotional, deep or superficial… Let’s find out who are mature and immature of the zodiac!

Child or sage depending on each zodiac sign

Aries – child

Probably the most pampered and naughty of the children of the zodiac is Aries. Impulsive bursts out suddenly and out of the blue. Now he laughs cutely, in the second he taps his foot and demands the account as if everyone owes him to please him. You have to learn to control your emotions and calm down your reactions if you are an Aries.

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Taurus – wise

They have a lot of patience and prefer to do things right, no matter how much time they have to invest in it. Persevering, they don’t like to give up and they don’t back down when they encounter obstacles, a sign that they are mature and able to take care of themselves and others, through thick and thin. They put work before fun, and the desire for financial stability prevents them from being extravagant.

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Gemini – child

Geminis do not take things too seriously, for them everything seems like child’s play. You can face the hour of death, and they can look at you amused, without understanding why so much drama for nothing. They are superficial, especially in love relationships. Their advantage is that they keep their childish spirit until old age, and this makes them attractive to the opposite sex.

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Cancer – child

A big child, who gathers his toys and leaves in a huff if you don’t do as he wants, contradict him or neglect him. Emotional distress is the strong point of any Cancer. Regardless of whether you were wrong or not, in the end, you end up feeling guilty to the core and asking for forgiveness. You can’t really go wrong with some candy, especially if it’s chocolate!

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Leo – teenager

Leos always put themselves first, they are selfish and rebellious just like any real teenager. They want to have the best clothes, they dream of being glorified for any small effort, they suffer and make drama over minor issues. Plus they are very possessive, and when they lose something or someone they react like a child whose toy was taken from their hand.

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Virgo – wise

Although they are obsessed with perfection and very critical, Virgos have everything very well planned. I know exactly what they will do at ten o’clock tomorrow or twenty years from now. Realistic and very pragmatic, these natives are not easily fooled. Analytical thinking allows them to find solutions even in the most complicated situations, without panicking.

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Libra – wise

How can those born under the sign of balance be anything other than mature and wise? They are fair, they love justice and will do anything to defend it. They love to help others, they are calm, friendly, generous, very good advisers, the kind of friend who doesn’t let you down, who you can ask for advice at any time. They get deeply involved in love and are romantic, they don’t like adventures.

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Scorpio – teenager

We never love as intensely, possessively, with suffering and tears as in adolescence. Scorpios love like this all their life, and when it comes to intimacy, they have an increased libido, which makes them look like teenagers… at the beginning of their sexual life. Bold as only a child can be, they are sensitive, easily hurt and vindictive.

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Sagittarius – child

They want to stand out and prefer to be the first to raise their hand and be called out, even if they don’t know the lesson. They have a typical restlessness and an overdose of self-confidence that makes them vulnerable. They are neither constant nor diplomatic, they don’t know how to manage their interlocutor, slapping the truth in their face with childlike frankness.

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Capricorn – wise

Patient, very organized, and detached, Capricorn is one of the most mature signs. He shows seriousness and ambition, but sometimes he is cold and distant. Their practical spirit and desire for security prevent them from being naive or taking unnecessary risks. They rely on logic, not on luck or intuition, and are able to see things as they are, without being overwhelmed by emotions.

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Aquarius – child

The optimism and energy that Aquarius brings to any room is exactly like a happy child’s giggle. They can be just as stubborn and insistent as a pampered person who rolls around on the floor under your eyes until he gets out as he wants. Spontaneous and fickle, they have a strong desire for change and hate routine.

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Pisces – child

A sensitive sign, with a rich imagination and a lot of compassion, when they arrive from their ideal world with their feet on Earth, the disappointment of Pisces is like that of a child who has just learned that Santa Claus does not exist. Crying out loud or angry, uncontrollable reactions are not unusual for Pisces.

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