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March Horoscope For All Signs

The second month of autumn comes with important astrological events and surprises for each zodiac sign!

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The full moon on the 5th in Aries, the new moon in Libra on the 19th, and Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio on the 10th is the events that dominate the month of March . Jupiter also makes some interesting conjunctions, one with Mercury, and one with the Sun. Each one separately and altogether makes, as a whole, the month of October a successful one, but dynamic, and turbulent in the first part.

March 2023 horoscope for each zodiac sign

The beginning is more difficult, and turbulent, with emotions and misunderstandings, and small tensions that we feel the need to clarify quickly, after which we become more optimistic, with a zest for life, for travel, and for positive changes.

March horoscope Aries – you are lucky with money

Your daily routine is not necessarily wrong, but it is not what you need at this moment. Toward the end of the month, try to change something in the program. You have to notice what exactly in your current lifestyle is creaking and affecting your energy level. Anyway, the state of health is overall good, if we don’t take into account the temporary headaches that the tensions at work give you. The financial sector is very well looked after in the next period. A new and constant source of income appears that frees you from worrying about money until at least the end of next summer. So, if the chance for a new collaboration arises, don’t say no!

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Taurus March horoscope – let things come naturally

Don’t stay too long, come willingly during this period. If you’re thinking of losing weight, it’s better to postpone the diet a bit, because the stars don’t support you, on the contrary, they hinder you, and futile efforts quickly become frustrating and can make you go to the other extreme and eat too much. Instead, you have a good state of mind and feel in good shape. It is even possible to fall in love, but until you find out if the feelings are mutual, in addition to butterflies in your stomach, love also brings you stress, palpitations, and insomnia. Distract yourself with an activity that pleases you. Or simply go on a trip for a few days to relax.

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Gemini March Horoscope – committed to great deeds

Right from the beginning of the month, you have moments when you feel like taking the world into your head, changing your job, your lover, or moving out of the country. Your desire for freedom, for escape, is greater than ever. Once again, your madness passes and you channel your energies toward a very tangible goal: you buy an important object for the home, paint one or more rooms, and maybe change the furniture. If you have grown children, it is possible for them to move alone or to ask them for certain changes in the house. Professional life is well-aspected in the next period. Physically, you could be bothered by small health problems specific to women, not serious, but for which it is still good to see a March, especially if the symptoms keep repeating.

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March Cancer Horoscope – order and discipline

In March, you are just like the crickets that played all summer and have no escape, they have to bear the consequences. Now you also pay the bills for sleepless nights, for eating or working too much, for ignored stress. It’s time to tidy up your diet, and sleep schedule, rest, and start exercising. At work, there is a period that you must take advantage of. You are at an advantage and can get a better position, which will change your status among your colleagues. He leaves with salary increases. You find emotional comfort, as always, in the family. A visit to friends quickly changes your emotional state.

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March horoscope Leo – you have your say

Sleep runs away from you in March and you really miss it. Even when you manage to sleep, you don’t rest well, you dream a lot, and you are restless. Try not to do sports in the evening, not to watch movies that keep you in suspense, and not to eat too much at dinner. Read a book at bedtime, and drink a glass of milk, you will see the difference! At work, you are persistent and persuasive, you communicate excellently, you sign contracts and money comes to you easily and unexpectedly, but you also spend it quickly. Leave all your worries aside and focus on your relationship with your: husband, children, and parents. They need attention and more time spent with you.

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March horoscope Virgo – you receive financial rewards

The cold weather catches you on the wrong foot in terms of immunity, so if you don’t want the flu to hit you in bed, take better care of yourself: dress well during the day, don’t go to bed with wet hair at night, drink more teas warm, eat more fruits, vegetables. You consume a lot and have an even sharper observational spirit than before, which is why small conflicts and tense situations can arise at the beginning of the month. The money you are waiting for and it was late to appear, you have a chance to receive it in March. Finally, you feel that you have not worked in vain and that you are appreciated at the right value. You win the case if you have to negotiate, either on a personal level or at work.

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Libra March horoscope – it’s time to make plans

The month of March does not catch you in the best shape. You change as the wind blows, as autumn has come, both emotionally and at work. You’re excited and you’d do anything, you’re down and you don’t feel like doing anything anymore. You finally calm down and start to see the glass half full. If you manage to relax and not stress for no reason, you can even have a good month. Especially starting on the 19th, with the new Moon in your sign, a constructive, beneficial period begins, in which you are favored. The plans you make now take deep roots and will materialize in the next period.

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Scorpio March horoscope – you are privileged to the stars

Jupiter in your sign brings you an important need for inner peace, to confront your own fears and anxieties. You are eager to change, to leave behind the failures and small obsessions that make your life an ordeal, and you suddenly become more religious, and meditative. Indeed, you are protected by the stars for many months from now, during which all the positive changes you propose are favored, you have many opportunities and you quickly become noticed. Love and libido are at their highest. Do not neglect your health, a common cold can upset your plans if you hope it will go away on its own.

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March Sagittarius horoscope – peace comes from the family

Your body urgently needs a break from fatty foods, cigarettes, alcohol, from medicines taken behind the ear. He has been calling for help for some time, don’t pretend you don’t hear him, otherwise, you can get sick, because the stars predispose you to fragility! Intuition gets you out of many entanglements and protects you from dangers, you can rely on it. Regarding the family, if lately, you have been a little more distant, detached, or distracted, you felt it. It’s time to organize an outing with your family or at least an evening just for you, with games and fun, which will bring you closer. Both you and they need emotional support. Fears are neither welcome nor justified now, so relax!

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Capricorn March horoscope – your priority: relaxation!

Around the middle of the month, you feel cornered from all sides. You don’t know what to do first, what is more urgent, what cannot be postponed. The more you stress, the harder it is to solve things. Do them one by one, don’t start all at once, and you will see that everything goes easier. The job looks good, but not necessarily the current one. If you relax and open your eyes well, you receive offers of collaboration that smile at you and that you receive with a smile on your face. Finally, there is a chance to leave your job behind, which makes you happy even more than if there was a conflict with one of the bosses. You are very excited by the news of an upcoming event, maybe a trip, maybe a change of residence.

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Aquarius March horoscope – open your eyes and ears

Even if you are determined in one direction or another, do not make drastic decisions, especially around the full moon, when your nerves are stretched to the maximum. Take into account the advice you receive, especially if it comes from old friends or parents because they are given to you with good intentions. In March, you have a lot to lose if you rush. You must be open to suggestions, relax and realize that you are not always right. The end of the month prepares you for pleasant surprises and helps you relax completely. Also then you can win a sum of money or a prize of another nature.

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Pisces March horoscope – keep calm!

From a physical point of view, things are fine, you are in good shape. But the emotions were understood as if they were all at once bothering you. You want clear answers that you don’t get, but don’t be inverted anymore, because you are doing more harm. Only when you start to relax do things go back to normal. Your life partner may feel tense or even suffocated by too many demands and dissatisfactions on your part. Also in March, towards the end of the month, an unexpected financial bonus is foreshadowed, which allows you to solve your stressful material problems. A business trip may appear in the plan, perhaps a specialization abroad.

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