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How To Dye Your Hair According To The Characteristics Of The Zodiac

The color you wear in your locks influences your mood and the impression you leave on those around you.

Find out which is the right color for your zodiac sign.

It is known that, regardless of the day, time and year in which you were born, the optimal time to cut your hair is between the New Moon and the Full Moon, when the moon is waxing. When it comes to painting, there is no better period than another. Instead, there is the right color for your zodiac sign.

It is said that hair expresses a woman’s sensuality. He also carries unexpected energies and the imprint of your personality. It is not for nothing that the cutting of hair was once considered the ultimate punishment and humiliation for slaves or for those who were guilty of various crimes.

A woman who changes her haircut or hair color is said to be going through an intense emotional state, either of joy or of suffering. Indeed, the color you wear in your hair influences your mood and the impression you leave on those around you, so it is important to choose it well.

The right hair color according to the zodiac sign


Corresponding planet: Pluto

It is a color that conveys power, sensuality, and passion. The person who wears it is sober, and dignified, but also very feminine. Brown, copper, and chestnut shades are suitable for practical, conscientious, down-to-earth people, such as Taurus or Capricorn.

Libras are balanced and do not like extravagant things, so they can keep their natural hair color, using only harmonious shades, in autumn colors.


Corresponding planet: Mars

This color stimulates your creativity and helps you communicate easily. It is for an active, optimistic person with a lot of confidence in herself. When the redhead beats towards red, it brings with it more ambition, and determination and makes you more categorical in your relationship with others. A deep, burgundy, intense red suits the passionate Scorpio woman.

Full of life, Aries women can wear shades of bright red, as a warning to those around them that it is not good to play with the fire in their souls. If you are born under the Gemini sign, try orange, copper, and copper shades.


Corresponding planet: the Sun

It is a color suitable for extroverted, energetic people, who do not mind attracting attention and have many eyes on them. Yellow is considered a motivating, anti-depressant, youth and beauty color, the closest to pure light.

A blonde “mane” will suit a Lioness perfectly. At the same time, it is a good option for women born under the sign of Gemini, because it allows many games of nuances, and you, if you were born under this sign, get bored easily and want many changes.

Impeccable gray, gray, platinum hair is perfect for Virgos; it expresses your sophisticated nature and helps you to be sure of yourself.

Blue, green

Corresponding planet: Uranus

These colors scream from a post office and I say out loud that you are an open, modern person who wants to stand out. Green reduces stress, and brings balance and freshness, and blue calms and invigorates.

These colors, especially dark blue, intense, almost black, are good for Pisces, an emotional and intuitive sign. Always cheerful and smiling, the Taurus woman can gracefully wear a few strands in the colors of the sky or the sea.

Violet, purple

It falls into the same category as blue and green. It is a color of dreamy, idealistic people, but who may lack maturity. Sagittarians are attracted to shades of purple, and purple is ideal for Cancers, one of the most sensitive and subtle signs in the zodiac, but which loves to surprise by its appearance. If you’re an Aquarius, you like to play and flirt, so you can try a golden pink or purple shade.

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