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Which Tarot Card Represents You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Which tarot card corresponds to your zodiac sign and what it reveals about you?

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Used for centuries in the occult and magical practices of fortune-telling, the most widespread types of tarot are based on a set of 78 cards, each with a well-defined role and a special symbolism. Find out which of them corresponds to your zodiac sign and what it reveals about you!

What the tarot cards reveal about each zodiac sign

Aries – The King

The king is the one who wants everything here and now. He does not know how to accept a refusal, he is often selfish, and proud and uses his influence to get what he wants, even if not in the most correct way. This card symbolizes power and support, but also disobedience, the ability to dominate.

Taurus – High Priest

It is a book that signifies the transition to a higher level of knowledge. You work hard, learn easily and evolve intellectually and spiritually. Perseverance turns you into a valued, reliable person, whom others turn to when they are at a standstill, to help them find answers.

Gemini – Lovers

It goes without saying that this tarot card is the perfect symbol of the need for love, communication, and union. It is also an alarm signal regarding the choices you make more with your heart than with your reason. It can suggest balance, compromises, and forgiveness.

Cancer – the Phaeton or Chariot

It is the symbolic book for good news, peace, triumph, and mitigation of conflicts. It teaches you that, although you adore peace and security, sometimes it is necessary to leave your comfort zone, accept unforeseen changes, and let yourself be carried with confidence toward the unknown.

Leo – Strength

You are a strong person, always put to the test. Your limits are tested, and this book conveys to you that you must learn to temper your ego, impulsiveness, and belief that everything belongs to you. One of your goals is to find your balance and help others, inspire them, and encourage them.

Virgo – The Hermit

You are fairness incarnate, you work with love, and you seek perfection, but all these exhaust you. The tarot card that represents you reminds you that you need to relax, take a break, withdraw and detach, and meditate. Give yourself time and find your peace!

Libra – Justice

You love balance and want justice, but you don’t always get it. This book reminds you that life is not fair and that people are not perfect. You have to loosen the bonds, have less strict demands, and forgive others and yourself more easily.

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Scorpio – Death

A book only apparently scary, which symbolizes an end, but also a beginning, weakness, but also strength. You are in a continuous transformation, maturation. You need to leave behind what hinders you, to be more detached, and optimistic. Don’t be afraid of change!

Sagittarius – Balance

This book signifies the thing you need most in life, namely to temper your desires and reactions. You have to accept that not everything goes according to plan and avoid conflicts and upsets. Relaxation helps you see things objectively and find solutions.

Capricorn – The Devil

Perseverance and perseverance are two characteristics of your zodiac sign. If necessary, you tempt, divide and conquer. You like to own material things, to which you give more importance than they have. This tarot card urges you to become aware of your weaknesses and curb your negativity.

Aquarius – Star

It is the symbol of hope, of good news, of the chance to change your life, combining creativity with reason. Those born under the sign of Aquarius must stand out from the crowd and shine, make their ideas heard, and never settle for mediocrity.

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Pisces – Moon

The dreamy nature of Pisces could not be better represented by any other tarot card. It’s a call to cultivate your sensitivity and intuition, to follow your dreams, without letting yourself be fooled by people’s false intentions. Use your emotions and inner energy to your advantage!

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