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The Biggest Zodiac Myths Busted

Here are 12 prejudices dismantled one by one.

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Each zodiac sign has some dominant traits, known even by those who are not familiar with astrology. But not everything that flies is eaten and not all natives of a zodiac sign are drawn to indigo. Here are 12 prejudices dismantled one by one.

Myths about the zodiac signs

Aries are volcanic

Aries, a fire sign, can only be agitated, impatient and impulsive, but not all those born under this sign are extroverted, ostentatious and talkative, as you would expect. Many Aries are actually very serious, silent and uncommunicative in everyday life.

Taurus loves luxury

It is said about them that they appreciate only expensive, sophisticated things and that their life revolves around money and material achievements. Even if they like comfort and quality, it doesn’t mean that they don’t also appreciate simple, priceless things.

Gemini is superficial

Geminis have a reputation for being cold, dualistic, not emotionally involved and hiding their intentions most of the time. But these natives can prove an amazing depth and constancy, being an example of seriousness when something or someone really interests them.

Cancers live for others

Even if they are empathetic and sensitive, capable of doing a lot for the happiness of their loved ones, Cancers can be just as irritable, immature and spiteful, so they do not forget any mistake and not infrequently react self-protectively, assuming the role of the victim for the sake of the good person.

Leos are crazy about attention

This sign is known for the fact that it loves to be in the center of events. Even if the competitive spirit is present in each individual native, Leos always gets what they want, some of them are extremely modest and achieve their goals away from prying eyes.

Virgo is the most critical

It’s true, Virgos are very attentive to details, they organize themselves excellently and they have the same demands from the people in their lives. But most of the time, Virgos are understanding and calm enough not to open a conflict without a serious reason.

Libra is the embodiment of balance

When you say Libra, you mean elegance, diplomacy, gentleness, and honesty. But even among Libras, there are proud, cocky, hasty natives who are used to postponing things from one day to the next and who are extremely changeable and fickle.

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Scorpios are vindictive

Although they are proud, angry and never forget when they are hurt, and making them suffer can mean the irreparable end of a relationship, they are still not nearly as destructive as they say. I don’t spend my life hatching evil plans.

Sagittarians are the most optimistic

Although they like challenges and are not easily discouraged, Sagittarians can be extremely determined when someone or something bothers them. There are situations in which they become totally indifferent, and closed, do not forgive anything, and do not show even a smile of complacency.

Capricorns are restrained

It is said about the representatives of this earth sign that they are lonely, cold, and extremely stingy in the manifestation of feelings. However, these natives can be very funny, sensitive, communicative, and even popular among colleagues and friends.

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Aquarians are extravagant

Although they like to be creative and original, being known as the most avant-garde and rebellious sign, this does not mean that they are willing to take risks and compromises in every respect. Aquarians also have limits and principles and there are many things they do not tolerate.

Pisces are passive

Although he is sensitive, melancholic and indecisive, when he really wants something, a Pisces immediately leaves his comfort zone and can demonstrate an enviable calmness in the most difficult contexts. Some Pisces have tons of energy and ambition, mobilizing themselves exemplary.

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