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8 Types Of Men You Should Avoid At All Costs In 2023

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All of us have had a guy in our lives who was everything we had dreamed about, but when he showed his real face, it was something we didn’t like at all.

And the worst thing was that all of us fell hard for a guy like that, the one who didn’t give a damn about us.

But there wasn’t any other way to learn that kind of a lesson. We all had to go through heartbreak to actually realize what kind of guys we should avoid. So, here is a list of the men who you should avoid at all costs in 2023.

The Narcissist

This type of man is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. If you had the bad luck to meet a man like this, he won’t reveal his real face at the beginning. Only after some time, you will see all that he was hiding behind that façade.

But it will be too late because you will be head over heels in love with him. That’s why you should know how to recognize a narcissist even if he is disguised as a real man.

And you should avoid that kind of guy not only in 2023 but in the future as well. There isn’t a woman who has found happiness with a man like that, and you are not the exception.

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The cheater

You know that saying: “Once a cheater, always a cheater?” Well, it is true. n unfaithful man will always be risky to date because you never know when he will cheat on you.

And he is someone you shouldn’t put up with this year. In fact, he is someone you shouldn’t put up with for the rest of your life.

It is too bad that some women give second chances to guys like this, but my advice is to run away as far as you can from this man.

The control freak

A man like this will sneak under your skin without you noticing and as soon as you realize he is there, it will be too late.

You will be hooked on him, and there won’t be a way out. He is someone who will tell you all that you want to hear but who will control the situation, not letting you see it.

And at every attempt of yours to keep something like a secret or do things alone, he will get angry.

He is someone who will control you no matter what you do or where you go, and a life with him will be a catastrophe.

So, if you see any signs of controlling, run as fast as you can because this kind of man is real trouble.

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The married one

Just because some guys are married doesn’t mean that they won’t try to get some sweet love in a different place.

Guys like that don’t care about their wives, and they think only how to have a good time. And that is the man you should avoid at all costs.

He will tell you sweet things, and he will make you feel special, but in the blink of an eye, he will go back to his wife. In fact, he will go back to her as soon as he gets what he wants from you, and he will call you only when he wants some sex.

I just hope you will be smart enough and kick him out of your life because you deserve someone who will be just yours.

The boy

Dating a boy who doesn’t know what to do with his life is always a bad idea. That’s why you should avoid dating that kind of guy at all costs.

He will never be someone who can make decisions like an adult and will always hide behind your skirts. He is not the one you need.

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You need a guy who will be there for you, the one who knows what he wants and who loves you more than anything in the world.

A boy will never give you what a real man can, and that’s why you shouldn’t take him seriously even if he tries something with you. Don’t text him and don’t date him.

The abusive one

An abusive man who treats you badly is someone you definitely don’t need in the New Year. If you had someone like that, now is the time to end that kind of relationship and start a new chapter of your life.

Life with a man like that is not a happy one. He will use all kinds of tactics to keep you close, and he will ruin you faster than you think.

So, if you see some signs of an abusive relationship, make sure to end it as soon as you can. And whatever you think, don’t believe you can save a man like that from his abusive personality.

He won’t change until he wants it, so it is better to end it while you still can.

The liar

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Once a liar, always a liar, that’s what people say. And even if there are some guys who feel sorry for lying to their partners, you never know when they will start doing it again.

So trusting someone who constantly lies to you is not a good option.

And this type of man is definitely not someone you should pay attention to this year. You need to know that you deserve only the best, so never settle for less than you deserve.

The arrogant man

With an arrogant man, you will never have the life you were dreaming of. He will ruin every happy day you have with his behavior, and he won’t even feel sorry for that.

He will never try to impress you since he believes he is someone special and that you should be happy for having him in your life.

A man like this is not worth your effort and love, so if you see some early signs of arrogance, just let him go.

No matter how cute and handsome he is, leave him because you will spend your life crying instead of smiling if you stay with him.

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8 Types Of Men You Should Avoid At All Costs In 2023

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