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Detailed horoscope for all zodiac signs for winter 2023

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Which of the 12 signs this winter is destined to irrevocably fall in love, fall into financial difficulties and solve problems at work, said astrologer Ksenia Shakhova.

Winter is the perfect time to let go of the old and bring in the new. The time of a certain calm, rethinking, liberation from everything unnecessary before meeting spring with renewed vigor and waking up after nature.

Who is destined to fall in love irrevocably this winter? Who is in financial trouble? For whom will the three winter months pass calmly and without much change?

How the astronomical position of the planets will affect the fate of each of the signs of the zodiac and what areas of life you need to pay attention to in December, January and February, astrologer and psychologist Ksenia Shakhova spoke exclusively for Channel Five.

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Aries – horoscope for the winter 2023

Impulsive and always ready to be the first to go into battle, it is better for Aries to postpone their exploits in winter.

“In December, your energy is on the decline, despite the fact that this is the month of Sagittarius, that zodiac sign, which, like you, is associated with the fire element ,” the astrologer explained.

In December, questions of a religious and philosophical nature will come to the fore. Aries will think about how their worldview is consistent with the position of loved ones, a common ideology. There may be problems with the judiciary, the authorities. Therefore, the horoscope advises this zodiac sign to act rationally, practically and not be led by emotions, since a sudden impulse can lead to the wrong direction.

January is more successful. In the first month of 2023, profitable employment is possible. There will be advances not only in professional activities, but also in material matters.

“Try in the second half of January to direct activity towards bringing together people who will either be part of your team, or you will go as a team member in a large group. And, accordingly, by February, you can take advantage of the moment and unite into a full-fledged union , ”advises Shakhova.

It will turn out to find a soul mate, find like-minded people and a friendly shoulder, and subsequently such an acquaintance has a good chance to grow into something more. Therefore, February is the most successful for this zodiac sign of all three months of the winter season.

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Taurus – horoscope for the winter 2023

Practical and reasonable Taurus will be prevented from objectively assessing the situation throughout December, especially when it comes to income and expenses. In this regard, in the winter of 2023 it is not recommended to deal with financial issues that can lead to ambiguous consequences. It is advisable not to use loans, not to take loans, as this will only increase dependence on organizations and other people.

“Try to minimize dependence on other people’s finances as much as possible. December is one of the most difficult months of winter ,” the astrologer explained.

In January 2023 the situation will improve. Here, the attention of the zodiac sign will no longer be directed to debt obligations, not to resources, not to loans, but to gaining knowledge, for example, higher education. Long-distance contacts and connections will make themselves felt. this is a good month to renew communication with distant relatives and think not only about tomorrow, but also strategically outline the prospect of several years.

February is the month of opportunity. Taurus can ascend Olympus and lay the foundation for prosperity. Even unexpectedly for himself.

“Many things will straighten out, you will feel the foundation of the foundation under you. Since reliability and stability are very important for the earth sign of the zodiac, you will come to this in the month of February, ” the specialist noted.

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Gemini – horoscope for the winter 2023

Sociable Gemini at the beginning of winter will feel the desire to switch from one topic to another at the speed of light. At the same time, in December, this zodiac sign should concentrate on one area and not waste energy on everything at once. Possible aggravation of conflicts with partners, public scandals.

“In general, the manifestation of your excessive independence will be regarded by others as pride. Distance brings an additional dissociative note in connection with friends, with a team, like-minded people, perhaps even with management. In order not to increase the negative in the relationship, try not to show sad moods in the outside world, although such will periodically arise. Since the Sun in Sagittarius activates the partnership sector in Gemini, you can idealize partners or overestimate them. And then, and then in a hypertrophied version , ”Shakhova warned.

January 2023 will turn out more successfully, because there will be a transition to the expansion of living space due to strengthening financially, the opportunity to earn money and strengthening not only the resource, but also the intellectual potentials of this zodiac sign.

February is a time of learning, teaching, the role of a mentor. From the point of view of the event flow, February will be easier, but both in December and January, you will need to show more diligence in order to gather strength, concentrate on a topic and stay in the same place.

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Cancer – horoscope for the winter 2023

At the beginning of winter, everyday worries will disrupt the harmony of the life of Cancers, who are intolerant of fuss. The routine, exhausting workflow in December will affect the energy exchange with the surrounding people, and representatives of this zodiac sign will not be ready to spend energy on such matters.

“In order not to get frustrated at work, in business, or in the business that you are in charge of, give yourself a little more time to focus on documents. If it is possible to attract others, distribute the load, do it, because on your own you risk drowning in papers , ”advises the astrologer.

In January 2023 the situation will improve. Contacts with colleagues and colleagues are already taking a more favorable turn. Someone can leave, and new energy will come into life thanks to new positive people. The sign of the zodiac should pay attention not only to creative moments, but also to the material sphere. Perhaps an investment will help to lay a solid foundation for quality work and reliable relationships in the team. Partners will prompt the right, interesting, fast move that will bring Cancers new opportunities and income.

In February, interest in the material side of life increases. It is already strengthening, and there are chances to improve living conditions, solve the housing problem or insure real estate and save money on some important business.

“What others get for a lot of money can be presented to you or given as a bonus for something that you have done for others with a kind open heart ,” Shakhova explained.

Therefore, in the winter period you will be filled with conditions that are very unusual in many respects for you. But gradually everything is being transformed, and Cancers will be strengthened in a new role for themselves. They even like her.

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Leo – horoscope for the winter 2023

The winter season for this zodiac sign is filled with joy, kind attitude of people around. The horoscope advises to take care of yourself and those around you.

Gambling, playful, risk-averse Lions, December will bring financial losses and energy imbalance due to an ill-conceived adventure. Perhaps some confusing, ambiguous situation in his personal life will intensify. It has to do with love relationships. It will not be superfluous to resort to psychological techniques to unload the state. This will be effective and useful for you.

January will focus on practical issues. Not creativity and love is what happened in December, but specific routine work, there will be a lot of it, it will accumulate. Medical examination may also become an important aspect of life. Or getting a pet. If the sign of the zodiac, for example, is in search of work, employment can be successful and profitable.

February is the time when those around Leo will be drawn to him. The sector of partnership is being strengthened here.

“At the same time, partners will be wiser, older, and you can learn a lot from them by giving them your fiery spark, cordiality and generosity. Here, reliable alliances can be formed, moreover, with those people with whom you have already been and have previously known , ”explained the astrologer

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Virgo – horoscope for the winter 2023

Rational, painstaking and very attentive Virgos in winter should monitor not only the people around them, but also their own condition. Especially in December, when you should rest more, relax more and take care of your inner space.

“By the way, the housing issue will also manifest itself actively, brightly and, perhaps, there will be changes, alas, not in your favor. Because tense aspects promise either confrontation with other people in matters of living space or some kind of ambiguous schemes. But if you allow them, then it will be much easier for you. Here, special attention should be paid to issues of home, family, family ties ,” said Shakhova.

In January, the situation will become easier. Virgos will feel successful, lucky. Luck and fortune are on their side. It’s time to make a presentation, talk about yourself, especially in the second half of January and throughout February. The period is conducive to this. If the typical representative of the Virgo zodiac sign – modest and quiet – does not want to stand out too much, things will go uphill without attracting the attention of other people.

In February, profitable employment, the purchase of household appliances or the receipt of quality services are possible. In addition, the synchronization of the harmonious aspects of the planets with this zodiac sign will have a positive impact on the budget. Therefore, serious events that require responsibility from a large group of people should be better postponed to the second half of January and the whole of February 2023.

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Libra – winter horoscope 2023

In December 2022, things that Libra may not have wanted to admit to themselves for a long time can make themselves felt. At the same time, looking the truth in the eye, paying attention to reality, and not to what they once thought up for themselves, it will be possible to see the answers to deep questions and requests to the world and the Universe.

Since the Sun will be in intense interaction with Neptune, disorganization and restlessness will make it difficult to perform daily tasks. There may be difficulties in organizing workflow, a lot of routine and a lot of contacts, phone calls that take you away from work.

“If you want to do something on time, put down the phone and don’t answer messages for some time, at least this manipulation will allow you to avoid disruption of plans, being late and everything that violates the harmony in your life ,” the expert advises.

In January, the situation changes towards real estate. If December involved this sign of the zodiac in communication with people around you, then in January more attention should be paid to real estate, home, space itself – how easy is the chair, how satisfied are you with what is around you? This is the quality of objects, this is furniture, this is an opportunity to understand some issues, including psychology.

Because that sector of the zodiac circle, where the planets unfold, draws the attention of this zodiac sign to the internal arrangement and inner world from the point of view of psychology and from the position of home and life. This is the time when it is good to increase contact with relatives. The horoscope advises to pay attention to children and parents, to confess their love to them, to show care.

In February, the Sun will be in the air element, which resonates perfectly for this zodiac sign, because Libra is the representatives of the air element themselves. And here is the time for gaining good luck, success. A lot will work out without even making too much effort, as if by itself. If Libra enters into resonance with the energy of the place where they are, then luck and the desired result will not be long in coming.

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Scorpio – winter horoscope 2023

Decisive, risky and emotional Scorpios need to think everything through in December so as not to spend all the money on New Year’s gifts, leisure and entertainment and then not be left in business matters without additional support.

“There is a chance that you will overspend on gifts. On the one hand, it will please loved ones, and you can get the same wonderful surprises. But on the other hand, unfavorable stories are also possible when you overestimate your strengths. In general, December is not very good for investments and for some serious steps in matters of money ,” Shakhova explained.

Things will get better in January. Scorpios will be open to new acquaintances. It is even possible to solve complex life problems with some non-standard approach. For example, a representative of the zodiac sign will help someone, and someone will help them solve a difficult situation in return.

In February, the planetarium is harmonious for almost all signs of the zodiac, many representatives of the zodiac family will improve their internal situation in terms of health, mood, and understanding of their prospects.

“Here you can also find your technique and harmonize the space. Pay attention to real estate in February – to the housing issue, including workspace. You can feel like residents, so to speak, of Eden, when it is in your power to manage space and improve relations with households, with father and mother , ”the astrologer believes.

In general, if we talk about the winter period, then December, January, and February will force Scorpio to pay attention to the space inside some kind of team, family, group, and oneself. This is not an outward expansion, but a concentration on the inside in order to hold, fasten, glue some disparate parts and move on based on this.

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Sagittarius – horoscope for the winter 2023

Sagittarians, optimists by nature, should not enter into open conflicts at home and at work in the winter against the backdrop of ideological differences. December will increase misunderstandings in matters of philosophy, religion and culture. It is recommended to be lenient towards others.

In any case, this zodiac sign is in the spotlight, because in December the planetary energy is concentrated precisely in the Sagittarius sector. That is, he is already in a stronger position relative to other signs of the zodiac.

In January, a lot of energy will be spent on maintaining financial capabilities and resources.

“How much money is in your wallet, how can you earn more? And here is a chance to firmly gain a foothold in the place where you are, or to find a new job. Someone will have a side job, someone will have a successful business project, or a property will be bought and sold. In any case, January is a time of strengthening the material. Here you should pay attention not to creativity, leisure, fun and entertainment, but to some practical business things , ”advises the expert.

In February, it is worth uniting with other people on the basis of common interests. This is the time to receive important information, to strengthen oneself in the role of a student or teacher, to strengthen one’s mental abilities. Complex books, complex information will be very useful. It will allow this zodiac sign to look even deeper and more thoroughly at some question.

The winter period is conducive to focusing on oneself and revealing the role of a philosopher, mentor, a person who explores the processes of life and his own destiny.

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Capricorn – horoscope for the winter 2023

Super-responsible Capricorns, who feel the time better than others, understand causes and effects, will find in December that something is going wrong.

The sign of the zodiac will begin to overwhelm feelings of absent-mindedness, anxiety, excitement not only for themselves, but also for the fate of other people. This is the time to slow down. It is recommended to pay attention to the secret, hidden, what is not always let out, and what we do not always pay attention to. Here, psychological techniques and creativity come to the rescue.

“Beware of telephone scammers, gossips, slanderers who can speak against you behind your back. Watch the purity of your language, and in December it is worth making more efforts than usual in order not to create secret enemies around you , ”advises Shakhova.

January is a month that is directly connected and synchronized with the energy of the earth zodiac sign. Many of Capricorns will feel a spark of inspiration, creativity, as if they are supported by a guardian angel. This is a great time for creative, scientific and research activities. Athletes will be successful.

“If you pay attention not only to past relationships, which is relevant in the first half of January, but also look positively into the future, not only assessing failures or taking into account the miscalculations of others, but also on personal positive qualities and the advantages of your business, you become completely the favorites of fortune . And then the green light is open to you in all activities, in all work , ”the expert emphasizes.

In February, it will be possible to strengthen the financial situation. This is the time to return all that Capricorns deserve. Here, not only hard work brings results, but also a good combination of circumstances. In February, it is good to reveal your abilities, skills and deal with the material aspects of life.

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Aquarius – horoscope for the winter 2023

Aquarius in December will increase the feeling of life in a single stream with those who are nearby. But the main problem here is wastefulness and the inability to restrain their resources. Aquarius, on the contrary, can be scattered on some small, perhaps not so significant matter. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to self-control and self-discipline. This also applies to health issues, habits, and sleep patterns, and wakefulness. This also applies to discipline in terms of language, what you say to whom you say what. Some friends may turn away from Aquarius or become uninteresting to them. This is a natural story, so you should not dwell on some failures in friendly relationships for a long time.

In January, the time is very favorable not only for rest, but also for treatment. A visit to a health-improving complex will have a very good effect on health.

February is an important month for Aquarius. This is the start of the new year. In the last month, a lot will already depend on the representatives of this zodiac sign, on their efforts, on the initiative that they are ready to show in this world.

“You are the link, the center, the sun, around which the space begins to spin, separate parts spin. And therefore, the more attention you pay to yourself and maintaining your shape, the easier it will be for you to attract people around you and new acquaintances. New connections, new opportunities, new interesting bright projects that will bring you realization, creativity, and money , ”the astrologer believes.

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Pisces – horoscope for the winter 2023

Sensitive emotional Pisces will encounter difficulties on the way to achieving goals in the first month of winter.

In general, December for many, if not for all representatives of the signs of the zodiac, is a difficult month. It represents a certain challenge, and for Pisces this challenge is associated with the stubbornness of both themselves and the people around them and a certain pride hovering in the work team.

In order not to fall into the trap of your own illusions or an incorrect assessment of what is happening, the horoscope advises you to ask yourself a little more questions than usual.

“You think about what is important now, not only strategically, not only for the future, because moving away from the present, you find yourself in a space of even greater uncertainty. Here in December it is important to focus on the state of “here and now”, exactly on the space that exists in the present. It is possible to strengthen some topics with state bodies, with authorities, with management structures, organizations, ”the astrologer warns.

In January, the situation will slowly begin to straighten out. Representatives of the zodiac sign will begin to rely not only on what others say and addiction dictates, but also on their creative potential, which will set new trends, create creative foundations for new projects, where Pisces will become the main character.

In February, you should pay attention to health, disease prevention, and medical issues. In general, the subconsciousness of Pisces is open to being filled with some spiritual knowledge, to strengthen the connection with the Universe, to become more sincere with oneself. This will allow, on the one hand, to relax, and on the other hand, it will reach out to those people who really love you, believe you, respect you, and not just pretend that this is actually the case. This is where honesty comes into play.

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Detailed horoscope for all zodiac signs for winter 2023

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