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Top 3 Signs Protected By The Universe In The Last Month Of 2022

God has taken them under his wing and will not allow evil to come near them under any circumstances.

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These are the 3 signs protected by God in the last month of 2022.

Horoscope Leo

The month of December is probably one of the most beautiful months of this year for you, my dear Leo. The Sun and Mars have decided to join forces and help you get everything you want in the next period… and nothing will stop you from spreading your wings wide and learning to fly as high as possible. Now is the time to believe in yourself with all your heart. Now is the time to fight for what you want and to fulfill those big dreams.

God is close to you and helps you every day of this magical month. Allow the divine power to guide you, show you what is good for you and bring you closer to your destiny.

You are full of energy and have a power that almost scares those around you. Regardless of the obstacles you face, you will rise and come out stronger than before. You show a real appetite for life, for happiness, for changes and for transformation. No one can hold you back, you are ready to end this year better than ever.

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Horoscope Sagittarius

December is a very good month for you in all respects. If you are alone, it would be good to know that the Universe is preparing interesting surprises for you on a sentimental level; you have the opportunity to meet your soul mate. Venus and Mars will be very active and will take care of all the details so that the moment is special.

As far as professional life is concerned, you manage to make yourself pleasant and attract superiors to your side so that they believe in your dreams and end up investing in them. You successfully use your jovial temperament to get what you want. Moreover, the relationships with the people you work with improve considerably.

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If you have to make important decisions or want to make major changes in your life, this is the best time to put your foot in the door. God is with you and helps you fulfill all your dreams. The important thing is not to give up and to move on. You have to fight with all your heart for what you want.

Scorpio Horoscope

My dear born under the Scorpio sign, get ready for a truly special end of the year. Venus, the planet of love, promises you beautiful moments with your partner.

On a personal level, all attention is directed to the souls around you. You are endowed by the Universe with incredible energy and you manage to positively influence all the people you interact with. Lust for life, the enthusiasm with which you live your days and dynamism will prove to be very contagious. Your happiness is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of ​​dark storms. The power to do so much good that you can consider yourself a true healer.

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