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Zodiac signs that are bad in relationships

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You had such high hopes for your relationship that you thought it would be one of those things that would last forever and be extremely fulfilling.

Your relationship ended before it even really began, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to feel the way you do. You can grieve, get angry, and sad about a near-death, as well as the end of any relationship.

Nobody wants to feel rejected for any reason. You wonder what happened that this relationship couldn’t grow into something lasting.

If a relationship is to last, both partners must be clear about their intentions.

Can this happen? Sure, but do you really want to waste your time and jeopardize your self-esteem by betting that you can manipulate someone into loving you and wanting the same things as you?

Maybe your relationship ended because there wasn’t much that connected the two of you.

The sexual chemistry between you two might have been fantastic, but you didn’t have much in common or shared goals.

There are times when it doesn’t matter how much you like someone, there is no glue that holds the relationship together.

Timing is an important factor in relationships. The timing of where you and your partner are in your life must match or you will never be in the same emotional place and it will be impossible to connect your life together.

Even if you don’t realize it at this point, most of the time, the failure of a near-relationship is a good thing.

It’s a lot easier to break up with something that’s just started than a relationship that’s been going on for decades.

Here are the zodiac signs that are terrible in relationships and why your near-relationship ended up failing.

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The truth is, your relationship was over before it even really started.

You have never treated her with the care and consideration that belongs in a relationship.

You made plans and never involved him, you acted surprised when he got back to you like you expected him to ignore you, and you never gave the impression that you were investing in a serious relationship at all want.

It’s okay to keep your cool, but not to the point of pushing your potential partner right out of your life.

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He was honest from the start and told you that he wasn’t interested in a relationship, but you were convinced that once he spent time with you and got to know you, he would change his mind.

But he didn’t. He was honest, you just weren’t being honest with yourself.

You cannot choose someone because they are a challenge and you want a win in the relationship games.

Next time, when someone tells you they’re not interested in a relationship, believe it and move on.

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You were both at two different points in your life and didn’t have a positive relationship with each other.

Maybe sometime in the future you’ll meet again and things will be more aligned, but for now it’s best if you go your separate ways.

You can’t force a relationship, especially when both parties don’t have the emotional resources to form a lasting bond.

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It didn’t take long for your near-relationship to start to feel overwhelming.

You value your independence and want to be free to do whatever you want without feeling attached to anyone.

As soon as reality kicked in, you took off. Maybe it could have worked, but the truth is that everything that worked was extremely scary for you, making you one of those zodiac signs that are terrible in relationships.

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You didn’t want any remorse, so you kept your options open with this man.

They didn’t want to commit if someone better showed up. What if you had a relationship with him and then you met your perfect man?

They don’t like it when things get emotionally messy. It’s much better to keep someone at a distance, and if nothing serious comes of the relationship, then nothing has happened.

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You may not be aware of this, but you acted as if he were some kind of mind reader.

You expected him to know how you felt and what you wanted without ever telling him.

The way you acted, he assumed you just wanted to be friends and acted accordingly.

Throwing yourself at someone might not always be the best course of action when it comes to a relationship, but you should at least give your potential partner an indication of how you’re feeling.

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There are a number of tests to ensure that a potential friend is properly vetted.

The problem is that it takes you so long to make sure someone is right for a relationship that eventually they lose patience and decide it’s not worth jumping through hoops trying to be worthy of your attention .

Sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith and let what happens happen.

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They practically didn’t have time to see him. They were far too busy to do anything other than text occasionally.

You convinced yourself that if he really wanted a relationship with you, he would have made an effort.

Obviously a relationship wasn’t what either of you wanted and now you can spend even more time on your work projects.

If you or your partner is on this list, then now you know why your relationship is struggling. If both of you are interested in and love each other, then start changing these things in your life right away.

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Zodiac signs that are bad in relationships

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