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Which Disney Villain are you based on your zodiac sign

Disney has the best villains or villains – I think the translation sounds better than the English original.

All Disney movies aren’t just about the heroes, they’re also about the villains.

It’s very interesting how the villains draw our attention and how we love to hate them.

Disney has iconic villains and they never fail to surprise us.

Nobody does it better than Disney.

When the movie comes to an end, the villain is sometimes more memorable than the main characters.

Disney villains have personality traits and motives that make them unique.

For those wondering which Disney villain they might be, the zodiac sign is a good guide.


Ursula (The Little Mermaid)

Pisces never forget when someone has done something bad or bad to them.

Instead of getting on with their lives, they can’t put what they’ve done out of their heads.

Injustice will always remain engraved in them.

This is definitely true of Ursula, who never forgave King Triton for her expulsion.

Ursula pretends to feel sorry for Ariel; but it only seems so because she wanted to use it to manipulate Ariel.

She supposedly wanted to take care of her, but that wasn’t her goal.

A Pisces will always recognize the urge for revenge that is central to Ursula’s character.



Maleficent is very intelligent and that’s why he stands out from the other Disney villains.

She believes that everything she thinks is right.

Everyone should respect their perspectives and opinions.

Her ego was bruised when she wasn’t invited to the party.

Therefore, she wanted revenge on Aurora, although little Aurora was innocent in this situation.

Maleficient couldn’t think straight in this situation, nor could any other Aquarius sign.

The Aquarius zodiac sign can be stubborn and cold towards other people.


Lady Tremaine (Cinderella)

Lady Tremaine is unbearably cruel and evil.

When required, she is disciplined and patient like a true Capricorn. 

She has to have this discipline and patience because her daughters cannot finish anything and need a strong hand to guide them through life.

That is why Capricorns are good leaders.

In the end she fails to have Cinderella as a servant in her house. 

If you’re that bad, the end will be bad for that person too.


Jafar (Aladdin)

The shooters rely on their own skills and capabilities.

Fire signs, to which Sagittarius belongs, often believe that they are invulnerable and therefore they tend to make mistakes.

Jafar has a grand plan to get the lamp from Aladdin and become Sultan with the help of the lamp.

This Disney villain often overestimates himself and that’s why he gets into trouble. 

We can feel a lot of pity for Jafar because he destroys himself with his overestimation.


Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dmae)

Scorpios are sometimes gloomy and have a dark side.

So does Frollo, who became obsessed with Esmeralda and wanted her at all costs.

He is possessive and doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.

Scorpios, like Frollo, are very jealous and manipulative.

He doesn’t shy away from winning over Esmeralda, as is evident in the film.


Cruella de Ville (1001 Dalmatians)

Libras are very great aesthetes, as is Cruella de Ville.

They have an eye for beauty, and once they set their mind to something, they will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Libras love to be pampered and surrounded by luxury.

You are sometimes unapproachable.

Both are traits that Libra can see in this villain known for her love of furs.

She even says she adores the furs. That makes sense given how cold-hearted she is about getting a Dalmatian fur coat.


The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Virgos are always making plans, always wanting to know everything in advance.

This trait also applies to the Evil Queen.

She plans to kill Snow White by having her hunter cut Snow White’s heart out of her chest.

Cruel, isn’t it!?

And if that plan doesn’t work out, she has one more thing in reserve – to dress up as an old woman and give Snow White the poisonous apple.

Virgos always go the extra mile when it comes to their big plans.


Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Like a real lion, Gaston is conceited and narcissistic.

He thinks he’s the best and the handsomest in town.

He even has his own song that talks about how amazing and awesome he is.

Leos are the perfect zodiac sign for a Disney villa.

Leos will recognize their own tendency to dominate others in Gaston’s cocky demeanor.

Gaston thinks Belle is his and doesn’t shy away from having her for himself.

Dear Gaston and dear Leo: there is always someone in the world who is more beautiful and better than you are.


Prince John (Robin Hood)

Like the crabs, Prince John doesn’t feel loved enough.

They feel like they’re never loved enough, and Prince John also thinks his mother doesn’t love him enough.

He has mood swings very often and this makes him a grumpy villain .

Cancers often fluctuate between euphoria and hopelessness.

He is also prone to paranoia and mistrust of everyone: Cancers have these same traits.

Cancerians tend to be self-destructive, and when they have a problem, they have trouble responding effectively.


Madam Mim (The Witch and the Wizard)

Madam Mim is known for her shapeshifting ability, dislike of following rules, and keeping promises. This makes her a perfect match for the zodiac sign Gemini.

Gemini is a bit messy and because of that she is manipulable at times.

Mim is spirited and enthusiastic, which is why many like her even though she is a villain.

She’s funny, entertaining and we have fun with her.


Scar (The Lion King)

Scar is one of the most intriguing villains.

It’s described as Shakespearean, which is a big deal for an animated film.

Taurus are very down to earth, can also be stubborn when it comes to taking advice from someone.

When Sarabi advises him to take better care of the country, he doesn’t take it well.

Unfortunately, Scar also tends to be a bit sluggish, which is kind of a Taurus Achilles heel.


Madame Medusa (Bernard and Bianca – the mouse police)

Madame Medusa is a very ambitious woman who believes she deserves all the wealth and will do anything to get it.

She’s cruel to Penny, and it stems more from a simple lack of empathy than outright spite.

Aries consider themselves the smartest and all-knowing, so it is difficult for them to get advice from others, even if it would be of great use to them.

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