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When, why and how do the zodiac signs argue?

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A dispute arises when two or more parties have opposing views or approaches to a particular situation.

The relationship with loved ones (partner, friends, parents, children) is meaningful, full of different experiences and mutual trust.

Despite this, relationships are not always harmonious, and sometimes we quarrel. Arguments are an integral part of interpersonal relationships, especially the more intense ones.

Most often we fight with people we love.

That’s because we care about how the other person behaves, experts say. We spend most of our time with that person, and that person’s behavior directly affects our lives.

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How do the zodiac signs argue? The stars can determine exactly how argumentative someone is, that is, how each zodiac sign argues.

Fire signs are the most aggressive and irritable, while earth signs have a lot of patience, but once they get angry and fight, they are difficult to forgive.

Air signs, on the other hand, try to avoid arguments and resolve disagreements with compromise and diplomacy, while water signs build up and hide their anger within themselves.


As a representative of the fire signs, Aries is very temperamental, or in other words, he is easily irritable. He can get upset over the smallest thing and sees any personal criticism as an attack on his own ego.

Ruler Mars makes him impatient and aggressive, but being quick to anger makes him even quicker to forgive.

His outbursts of anger are violent. Aries blushes, rages, roars, but the next moment he forgets everything and turns into a real lamb.

So we can say that Aries is a gentle fighter.

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Taurus is an earth sign, and that makes them very patient. You’d think he could handle having someone jump on his head, but that’s not quite the case.

While it’s true that nobody has the nerve of a Taurus, once he gets upset it’s not exactly pleasant to be around.

If his fuse burns to the end, he turns into a kind of volcanic eruption. Therefore, everyone is advised not to cross the threshold of their patience and if they do, run as far as their legs can carry them.

While they are loud in a quarrel, they are not capable of hurting their interlocutor in any way.

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As an air sign, Gemini is extremely intelligent and hyperactive.

He does not have tantrums or panic attacks, but when upset he will fight back and choose the right words to outwit his opponent, but he will assess the situation first to ensure the argument is not damaging to his interests.

He enjoys arguing and that is what often bothers him. To others, arguing with him is like teaching someone a lesson.

He calms down quickly because he is guided by logic and reason.

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Cancer doesn’t waste its nerves on others and nothing can make it panic.

He worries and thinks about why he got angry and what caused it, but he rarely has tantrums.

He collects his anger within himself and heals himself by going to the pub or the gym.

He never reacts to the first ball, but he takes every opportunity to complain to his opponent about what he has had to suffer for him.

This holding back of anger in cancer can cause various psychosomatic problems.

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Like other fire signs, Leos are explosive, but not to the same extent as Aries. They are very irritable, but even they forget and get over it after a while.

The lion reacts immediately and refutes everything with arguments.

Because he is fair, he also knows how to give in when he sees that he has made a mistake.

But since he fundamentally dislikes discussions and is egocentric, he will get his way over time and everything will go according to his will.

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Virgo is considered the calmest sign of the zodiac.

She controls herself to the maximum and is aware of every word and action, which is why she rarely speaks badly or swears.

She holds back her emotions, is well-mannered and too sophisticated to openly show her displeasure, and she is always upset.

At home or in the pub she reads a book and listens to music to calm her nerves, and because she hides her anger she becomes depressed over the years.

If she thinks she made a mistake or overreacted, she immediately apologizes.

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Libras hate conflict and arguments.

Masters of tactics and diplomacy, they can make an argument appear as if they just had a friendly or pleasant conversation, when the truth is very different.

The Libra tries to get angry about something as little as possible.

She’s concerned about all sorts of little things, and when she realizes she’s been bitching for hours for no reason, she withdraws.

The maximum of her anger is to turn and leave, because her diplomatic nature does not allow her to get into quarrels.

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Disputes with this sign should be avoided. Scorpios will use any means to win an argument, that is, to prove them right.

It doesn’t take much to anger a Scorpio. At first he starts to provoke and is always ready for low blows.

Then follows a barrage of curses, insults, and sometimes he is able to physically attack the one who triggered his anger.

His desire for revenge is great. The ability to play patiently and wait for the right moment to attack is legendary. Scorpios can be really ruthless and cruel.

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Sagittarians are philosophers by nature, so most of their arguments may seem ideological or rational. They argue, like everything else, with enthusiasm, which makes it quite entertaining for them at times.

For the most part, Sagittarians get on the nerves of those around them because they mostly say what’s on their mind, even when no one asks them anything.

When he gets angry, he is completely unpredictable. What is certain is that once he has expressed his opinion, he will not change it.

At the same time, however, it is also possible that he will coolly say whatever he thinks, without the desire to argue, or that he will destroy everyone around him with anger. He curses, screams and breaks objects in the house.

Of course, he is incapable of physically harming the person he is fighting.

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Teasing is not a good idea because a joke about their weaknesses or traits won’t make them laugh. Grudges can drag on for years, and they really never forget or forgive.

Capricorns are very sensitive and take everything to heart, down to the core.

Disciplined and organized, Capricorn controls himself as much as possible and tries not to get angry. But if he fails to do so, he can make noise and fuss for days and not calm down.

Due to his good relationships with the environment, however, he is willing to make concessions, even if he thinks that everyone always has to do his bidding.

He can become very uncomfortable when threatened and will go from one extreme to the other. Once he writes someone off, that’s forever.

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Aquarius loves to argue.

He can always find a bigger picture, a truth, or a radical option that wasn’t even expected. Aquarians are great thinkers and argue a lot.

Aquarius gets angry easily, but quickly forgets it.

He gets angry when he feels someone is taking away his freedom or doubting him.

Because he thinks he knows best, he likes to salt people’s minds and tell them that nobody can handle his personality.

Aquarius hides from others when hurt, and that’s when they become most dangerous – ready for aggression and revenge.

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Pisces are hypersensitive, take everything personally and are often upset because of this. They are always changing their mood and don’t know what they want, but they know what they don’t want.

If someone tries to help them with a decision, it’s the same thing that can make them angry.

Pisces usually keep their anger to themselves, which is bad for them because it later plunges them into depression and sadness.

They are likely to cry during an argument because they dislike bad vibes, stress, or conflict. They will agree to everything so that the quarrel stops.

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