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Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 16th October 2022


On this first day of the weekend, for Scorpio, the Moon shows itself in an easy aspect. At this stage, you can feel welcomed, by someone who attracts you a lot, with the help of a willingness to question yourself! You will not find it difficult to resolve the most critical circumstances.


A tasty position of our satellite is in place. You will be able to face the most difficult conjunctures. You will feel the center of attention. The people you like will think that you are ingenious … You will be appreciated by those who may interest you, thanks to your elegant way of posing!


During this cycle, it would be a very good maneuver to take advantage of what is on the horizon with greater certainty. There is beautiful conjunction of the Moon, for Cancer, starting this Saturday … Both in the private and at work, tantalizing evolutions are taking place!


Begin a comfortable position on our satellite for your Earth sign today. Your attitude becomes more intelligible … Your kindness makes it possible for you to reach resolutions that you thought were burdensome, and which are now truly within reach!


For Aquarius, the Moon shows up in the House of Duties on the day propitious to your sign. You will spend very sensual moments if you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to intimacy! Every situation inherent in daily life will go in the right direction. You will be quick in all your activities.


Starting today, the complicated lunar transit for Sagittarius is solved! The affinities with resolute people deepen. You will receive information of interest, which you did not expect. The usual situations will stabilize even though it doesn’t seem too possible …


Starting this weekend day, for your Earth sign, our satellite is in a positive moment. You are allowed to enjoy certain prosperity, with whoever interests you, with the contribution of your straightforward attitude! Whoever you admire will find you communicative.

8th – LIBRA

What doubt frightens you when you give proof of superior audacity? There is a disharmonious position of our satellite for you, starting from this first day of the weekend. You pretend to eliminate every unknown, but in this way, you seem very little adventurous, even in the affection.


The night star is in the astrological House of economies, for you Gemini, starting from this weekend day … In the financial field, a new path is starting to take shape! Avoiding that apathy makes it difficult to exploit the opportunities (some, obvious) that are offered.

10TH – LEO

Starting today, our satellite is, for Leo, in the House of Secret Enemies! Although there is someone you are getting to know who opposes you, you will be able to get away with it without too many obstacles … As far as the condition of form is concerned, certain little troubles happen.


For you to be palatable as usual, you need to show resolve. In mid-October, for you Aries, the Moon transits in a complicated arrangement … The people around you will consider you not very funny. Try to laugh more often!


Do not be embittered if you find yourself on problematic occasions. The conjunctures will get better in the blink of an eye. On the positive day of the week, a disharmonious aspect of the nocturnal star begins. The people around you will see you as poorly witty. Smile more!

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