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Signs That He Intends To Leave You, Depend On His Sign

Breakups are difficult even when both partners believe their relationship is no longer working, but they are even harder when only one of them wants it!

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Pisces are the most creative zodiac signs, and if they start speaking in clichés, then your relationship is most likely doomed to failure. You are no longer their inspiration or muse, you are nothing to them!


It doesn’t really matter what you do, but if an Aries gets mad at you for things that wouldn’t have bothered him before, then a breakup is announced. Aries can get temperamental very quickly when they are about to leave you


If a Taurus is going to leave you, then he will become inflexible and full of resentment. The more things you ask him to do, the less willing he will be to want to do them.


When this native wants to leave you, he will become increasingly unavailable. He won’t make any effort to see you anymore, because he’s already meeting new people who you find more interesting than you.


The last thing a Cancer would do is make someone suffer.

His logic is that if he puts the idea of ​​a possible breakup in your head, he could make you take the first step in this direction.


When a Leo is about to leave you, he won’t care about you anymore. His attention will be channeled only on himself and he will no longer be preoccupied with you.

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