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Top 5 Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs.

Have you ever had days where even the smallest things overwhelmed you?

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Find out if you are among the most sensitive zodiac signs!

If you are an extremely sensitive person, you probably feel things much more intensely and can be strongly affected by certain experiences that some people simply eliminate from their lives.

Discover the top 5 most sensitive zodiac signs:


The Pisces native is probably the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. He is very gentle and unselfish, aware of the emotions of other people for whom he takes special care. He loves music and the feeling of being in contact with the world around him. Sometimes, however, emotions overwhelm him, and when this happens he becomes sad or depressed.

When he feels this way, he is prone to become a martyr. He takes criticism too seriously and hates cruelty of any kind.

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The Gemini native is gentle and affectionate. He is very indecisive and takes a long time to make a decision due to the fact that he is aware that there are many ways in which they can change along the way, therefore the choice is very difficult. He also tends to get upset every time he makes a wrong decision, making him irritable and inconsistent. He gets overwhelmed easily and is very detail oriented.

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Cancer is known to be very emotional and sensitive. A native of this sign is that person who will cry at every romantic thread.

She is intuitive and quickly realizes the feelings of those around her. She feels things deeply and has a rich inner life that sometimes comes to the surface. Since she has such a vivid imagination, she can become a great artist. She is very sentimental and gives importance to everything quite a lot.

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Virgos are extremely careful. A woman of this sign is always present. When she walks down a busy street, she notices all the smells, sounds and sights in front of her.

He also has a lot of confidence in her, but hates being the center of attention. She anticipates things and is very critical of herself and her work. Being a sensitive person, she is more aware of the standards she has set for herself.

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This sign lives to express its emotions. She is so sensitive that she frequently even picks up on other people’s emotions and knows what they are feeling even if she is not given the details. She is fierce and full of life, and when she has positive experiences, she feels them much more intensely, so she lives her life with great passion.

Her sensitivity can also self-destruct. She can sometimes seem paranoid when she feels wronged, she is aware of her mistakes, which makes her slightly envious of others.

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