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Each star sign is assigned special properties. These vary slightly depending on the person, experience, but especially also depending on the form of the ascendant. A man born as Capricorn can be strongly guided by his Scorpio ascendant and therefore very different from what would be common for a person born in Capricorn. It is therefore important, as with people in general, to consider the overall picture with all factors in order to be able to make a reliable statement about a person and their horoscope.

The theoretically best basic requirements for a happy marriage are offered by men with these zodiac signs …

The Capricorn

The number 1 among the reliable men are the loyal ibex, who always take good care of their family. They have a great sense of responsibility in their cradle and they are always reliable and constant at their partner’s side. In order to protect and secure their own families, they take everything on themselves, because the happiness of their loved ones is a matter close to their hearts. However, they are not the greatest romantics.

The leo

Once you commit to a partner, you are absolutely loyal and loyal men, even if you have the reputation of being very selfish. You need the opportunity to take their place as a leader. So if you are looking for a man who likes to take the helm and you want to feel safe and secure and let yourself fall, he is the right man for you! If he has a family, he is extremely proud of them and likes to make them known. When the lion man has finally arrived, he proudly presents everyone to his super family and defends them, no matter what – a real lion.

The cancer

Cancer men are the most self-sacrificing, who can really plunge completely into a relationship, and thus into marriage. Due to their enormous empathy, they feel every fine mood of their partner and always respond to their needs. The happiness and satisfaction of women have top priority for the cancer man. However, their great sensitivity also makes them susceptible to tension, which makes them more vulnerable. However, they can never be angry with their loved ones for long.

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