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These 3 women of the zodiac are more likely to start dating gigolos

“Oh, what a man he was!” the lady exclaims and, dabbing her eyes with a lace handkerchief, falls into romantic memories. And the miracle man has already forgotten about his passion and is looking for another victim. Beware, because you, too, can fall into the networks of a gigolo, especially if you were born under the constellation of Aries, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Aries Woman

The astrologers that Lady Aries gives the impression of a person who, in principle, does not need love, care, or affection. But all this only seems from the outside – in fact, deep down, the “iron lady” has remained a little girl who wants to feel fragile and defenseless. And then he appears – the prince on a white horse from that very fairy tale.

A smart and enterprising ward of Mars, of course, will not immediately understand that she has fallen into a real trap, and maybe even get off with “little blood”, but this is only if she meets a newcomer. Another thing is if that “prince” turns out to be a real professional. Then write wasted: Aries woman not only will she rapidly lose her head (and the ability to think rationally), she will be ready for anything, and almost immediately. But Alphonse doesn’t need everything – he is ready to “be content” with an apartment, a car, and his missus’ money because it doesn’t cost anything for a successful and wealthy Aries lady to provide pleasant leisure time for her chosen one.

Scorpio woman

You can’t drive up to Pluto’s ward on a crooked goat, but the more impregnable the fortress, the more interesting. And the gigolo acts according to all the rules of a pickup truck. And Scorpio suddenly realizes that she is not a battle woman, but just a tired woman in need of affection and comfort.

Yes, and a successful woman has a lot of money – why not pamper such a sweet and in love with her partner? In addition, Scorpio is very passionate and tireless – the young male turned up just in time.

Aquarius Woman

Everything is the same, everything is boring and monotonous. Tired! – exclaims the ward of Urana and looks around. And next to him is a handsome young man with a rose in his hand. He blushes so sweetly and touchingly, and he definitely won’t talk about stocks and the depreciation of the euro.

Of course, it won’t – the gigolo will do everything to make the life of the Aquarius girl look like a fairy tale. Astrologers are sure that this lover of sitting on someone else’s neck has no problems with fantasy.

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