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Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 1st October 2022


At the end of the month, the nocturnal star passes for you in serene conjunction … During this stage, who is holding you back from taking full advantage of certain tasty news? The chance to give life to something you hoped for is on the way, in the profession as well as in sentimental-erotic relationships.

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Your pleasant image allows you to achieve purposes and purposes that you thought difficult! For Aquarius, our satellite is looking good, starting at the end of the month. Those around you will consider you ingenious. You will get appreciation from someone exciting.


Thanks to the physical aspect, which allows you to distinguish yourself in this cycle, you will be able to call the attention of someone who is knowing you and whom everyone considers impregnable. Our satellite is in a favorable position for Leo at the end of September!


A favorable position of the nocturnal star is formed, at the gates of October. In whatever branch of everyday life you find yourself intrigued, you will find that you can receive words of encouragement. You will appear reactive and enterprising … Take advantage of your cheerful image in love!


At the end of the month, a harmonious aspect of the nocturnal star occurs for Aries! You will receive words of encouragement, in your work life as well as in your emotional life. You will be considered industrious. Superiors expect to see the same office again now that October takes over!


Be quick to take advantage of the situations that arise with more ardor. If not, a competitor will take care of it. For you Scorpio, the night star is in the House of material goods, starting from this Friday that bids farewell in September … In October there will be a fruitful collaboration.

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For your Water Sign, our satellite is in the House of Daily Life as October approaches … Each story will go smoothly with regards to everyday tasks. You will be attentive to details and you will do everything well! You have a good chance of receiving encouragement.


For Taurus, the night star enters the House of Renewal at the end of September. Collaborations with relatives become stronger. You will receive suggestions that are valid for a project that you have been carrying out so far in solitude, but that will succeed better if you collaborate.


From this end of the month, there is a tiring aspect of our satellite, for your Water sign. Why don’t you try to give space to more concreteness? The people around you will find you poorly authoritative, if not. You expect to move too much all the time.


On this day of the end of the month, a dissonant position of the nocturnal star begins, for you Virgo. In order for you to be intriguing as often happens to you, it is better to show more attention to what is said to you! You have your head who knows where and you appear distracted.


The Moon passes through your Earth sign in the House of Secret Enemies as October approaches … You may have sciatic problems. Don’t dress too lightly: it’s already autumn! Beware of a person who opposes you in an inelegant but – unfortunately – effective way.

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With the end of September, the Moon presents itself in dissonant opposition, for Gemini … Don’t worry, if disagreements seem to arise. The conflict will soon become less burdensome. People who care about you will see you as less conscientious than the ordinary. You take too many risks!

Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 1st October 2022

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