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Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 30th September 2022


On this day, beautiful conjunction of the planet of love begins, for your air sign! You can breathe new air. The person who makes your heart beat comes with a different and more communicative attitude. If you are single, this is the time for a satisfying bond.

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For you Sagittarius, there is a comfortable star aspect of love and friendship, starting with the lucky day for your sign. You will be quite intelligent and intuitive. You will understand before others how to behave in certain complex situations, which previously embarrassed you!


Today, for you Gemellini an easy position of the star of love is formed. You will be mentally very open and you will attract the attention of a special person, who never liked people with a dull view of existence. You will know how to stand out.


THERE IS AN ADVANTAGEOUS POSITION OF THE FEELING STAR FOR YOU OF THE AQUARIUS ON THIS DAY! You will be very attentive to what they say and you will receive important information for your professional life. Your intuition makes you welcome even to a person you still know little about.

5° – LEO

This Thursday, the planet of affections enters a beneficial transit. You will be able to understand before others who likes whom. If someone likes you, be ready to get involved! Above all, those who are single will have good chances to experience happy moments with a new company.


Today, for you of the Virgin, the planet of love and friendship presents itself in the House of money! Your shrewdness will help you conduct business that would not have been so profitable at other times. There is also positive news in the family environment. Try to be communicative.


The star of feelings passes through the home of health and work for the young bulls, starting from this day! There will be very pleasant moments, both in the profession and in the affections. In the art of love, in particular, you can make a furore as it hasn’t happened for a while now.

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For you Pisces, the planet of feelings shows up in the house of reform on the lucky day for your sign! Thus ends a period in which you wanted to question everything. Now you can take up the challenges you have given yourself and try to win with whoever you like.


There is a grueling location of the planet of affection, for you Cancers, starting this Thursday. You will not be focused enough on the people who are truly important to you. If you don’t want your partner to get jealous, don’t get distracted when you see someone attractive.


For Scorpio, the star of love and friendship shows up in the House of the Unconscious today. You don’t seem very focused on the needs of people who expect your dedication, or – at least – your attention. Try to remember (and keep) your promises.


For Capricorn, there is an uncomfortable position of the star of the affections, starting from this day. Your determined way of acting could give way to indecisions that are not good for you or for the people who love you. Try to recover the desire to establish yourself.

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Starting from this day, for your Fire sign, a disharmonious position of the planet of love and friendship is taking place … You will be a little too fixed on your ideas, even when the partner proves he is right. One must be able to admit one’s own défaillances.

Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 30th September 2022

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