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Scorpio man: what kind of lover and spouse is he?

Oh my god, what a man! – the young ladies sigh languidly, because Scorpio is able to drive any woman crazy. But being a lover is one thing, and being a spouse is quite another.

And if in the first capacity Scorpio will satisfy the most captious lady, then not every woman will be suitable as a spouse. What is his secret and how to tame the obstinate handsome man?

Scorpio lover


“Oh-oh-oh, how incredible he is!” exclaim the ladies after a stormy night with Scorpio. But the astrologers warn not to forget that Pluto’s ward is still an egoist! True, as for love pleasures, then here he is, of course, a master – he easily guesses the desires of his girlfriends and does everything to make women happy. And then it shows itself in all its glory.


If we talk about men of this sign, then Scorpio and boredom are categorically incompatible. Do not even think that the sweethearts of the water guy will watch TV during s*x (rather, they use the TV to diversify their intimate life). Table, bedside table, chandelier, cornice… Yes, cornice! Well, what, Scorpio is still an entertainer.


Scorpio is a real magician and is ready to fulfill everything that his mistress asks for. If the lady gets tired, he will not peel her like sticky – on the contrary, he will shower her with blessings (so as not to leave the enemy behind – that is, the offended woman).

Scorpio husband


The water owner will not tolerate horns on his head. Why are there horns – he will not even allow a glance to the side. If you smiled at the seller, hide under the counter – although it won’t help, the Scorpio spouse will still smash the store into bricks.


Well, why smile? The deed is done – Scorpio has achieved you and knows that you are not going anywhere. And in general, a woman should be glad that her husband at least sometimes answers the phone. Leave behind and let Scorpio focus and search for the meaning of life.


Scorpio likes to play the role of a gloomy and cold-blooded guy – this is how a real man should be. And all sorts of music-pusi are for wimps. But behind Scorpio, like behind a stone wall, the enemy will not pass. But the wife can’t get out either – a bird has come across, now sit and cook cabbage soup.

If a woman is lucky (or unlucky) to become a Scorpio’s life friend, she must remember – the water guy cannot be redone. You just need to love him. And Scorpio will become an imperfect husband, but an amazing lover.

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