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What threatens intimacy with Taurus. Dangers and surprises

Taurus is one of the most calm and friendly signs of the zodiac. People dream of getting closer to him and touching, so to speak, souls. But not everything is so simple, and the stars do not advise you to fully reveal yourself to the pet of Venus.

Yes, and “digging” in the earthly soul can bring disappointment. What dangers and surprises will bring intimacy with Taurus?

Danger 1. Indifference

Meeting Taurus , you, remembering his broad soul, begin to dedicate him to all the details of your ins and outs, because he is seen by you as the very person who understands perfectly and will always support in difficult times. And Taurus sits, blinks his eyes and doesn’t even look in your direction, what kind of sympathetic looks are there? The thing is that the earthly handsome man is afraid of such revelations, and indeed – why does he need an extra headache?

And don’t expect returns – they won’t. At least in the first couple – Taurus will keep you at a distance for a long time.

Surprise 1. Alien soul is not dark

Taurus may seem callous and tough, but if he has already given you the key to his heart … now everything will be different. For you, the pet of Venus will become the kindest, gentlest and most affectionate person.

And you will feel in seventh heaven: Taurus knows how to give happiness to those who understand him. But remember – you are on the hook and will no longer be able to live without an earthly soul mate.

Surprise 2. You are me, I am you

And so it happened: you merged your souls with Taurus and learned to accept this world as the ward of Venus sees it. The main thing is not to confuse intimacy with love – these are two different things. But now you have a person whom you can trust as yourself! It’s great, right?

Have you found a spiritual intimacy with a Taurus? The stars don’t even know what to do – send greeting cards or express sympathy. This is both a gift and a curse. But on the other hand, you can call yourself the chosen one: Taurus will not allow anyone to come to him, and if he chose (evaluated, weighed) you, then you deserve it.

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