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5 Sagittarius Traits Other Signs Lack

Sagittarians are amazing creatures. They are born under the element of fire, and this fire attracts and attracts. And the flame of Sagittarius causes admiration and … envy. Let’s not envy, we’d better learn more about Jupiter’s wards and try to develop in ourselves the qualities that charming Sagittarius have.

Quality 1. Gambling

Underground casino? Yes! Dubious deal? Of course! Extreme vacation? Undoubtedly. Sagittarians seem to be in a hurry to live and enjoy every day.

And the most exciting thing is that they are almost always lucky. Luck favors the reckless. But don’t be jealous, better buy a lottery ticket – you need to start somewhere.

Quality 2. Sincerity

The astrologers did not bother the brain, trying to remember all the amazing stories told by Sagittarius, because the fiery guys sincerely believe what they say. Moreover, they will never be cunning and obscure in order to benefit or earn extra “points” to their reputation. They are open and honest, which often plays a cruel joke with them.

Sometimes those around them scoff at the sincerity of Sagittarius, condemning their simplicity and gullibility. But Sagittarians don’t care – they don’t pay attention to empty talk and just move on.

Quality 3. Cheerfulness

Incorrigible optimists – that’s what friends call Sagittarius. Eccentrics – this can be heard from envious people. Psychics – well, spiteful critics were noted here. And Sagittarius passed by with a smile from ear to ear, and even winked: life is good, and living well.

Quality 4. Frivolity

Sagittarians live for today and rely on chance. And this chance always works – fiery guys are unpredictable and irresponsible, but in the end everything turns out great.

Quality 5. Independence

Sagittarians will not exchange their freedom for gold or any other good. They do what they want, and fiery fidgets do not care about other people’s opinions. Condemn, envy, whisper behind your back – Sagittarians will not even notice this. And if they notice, they will only sympathize with your inability to enjoy life.

Fire guys have many other wonderful qualities. But the wards of Jupiter did not want to upset us and hid the rest of the talents. And we can take an example from Sagittarius and do something bold or even stupid – what if we like it?

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