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4 tips on how to fall in love with a wayward Leo and is it worth it

Fiery, bright, sparkling, radiant – the list of Leo virtues is endless. He is also a very wayward type and behaves as if everyone owes him. But what to do if you suddenly realized that you fell in love with this handsome man to unconsciousness?

In principle, it is not so difficult to achieve reciprocal feelings and fall in love with the ward of the Sun. But before you move on to action and follow stellar advice, think – do you really need it?

Tip 1. Pedestal

Those girls who seriously intend to conquer the impregnable fiery handsome man are advised to put him … on a pedestal! Yes, yes, you heard right – you need to fill your chosen one with compliments more often and be sure – he will not be able to resist. Make it a habit to tell Leo at least three times a day how wonderful and wonderful he is, and the result will not keep you waiting.

Naturally, it will take time for him to understand that you are also quite okay. But as soon as it dawns on Leo that it is worth turning his royal head in your direction, he will certainly condescend to this. Just remember that you are doomed to a supporting role. There are already a bunch of options.

Here, the main thing is not to overdo it. Catch Leo’s eyes in the company of handsome males, walk nearby arm in arm with brutal machos. The best of men will not tolerate rivals on his territory and will disperse your suitors in a day.

Play the fatal beauty for the rest of your life – you should always be on top (otherwise Leo will get bored and switch to a more interesting person).

Tip 3. You are my first

No, not in that sense… just convince Leo that the guys before him are nothing at all. And only with him, with the fiery prince, did you find out what real female happiness is. And before meeting with Leo, you did not live, but existed.

And repeat these words every day – the vain ward of the Sun will certainly fall into flattering nets.

Tip 4. King, just king

Combine the previous points and turn into a slave. Okay, not a slave, but a maid. Guess Leo’s desires, fulfill his requirements, look into his mouth and bring slippers. And do not catch Leo’s eyes if he is not in a good mood … although, next to you, if you clearly follow the advice, he will always be in a great mood.

Fall in love with yourself? No problem! But breaking off relations when you get tired of pretending will not be easy – for you, but not for Leo. After all, a sunny boy will fall out of love as quickly as he loves. And you will suffer and ask yourself the question: well, what did I do wrong?

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