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Why Are You Afraid To Say “I Love You” According To Your Sign?

Some people are not very good at communication and you can hardly get them to say certain things.

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Things get even more complicated when it comes to feelings!


The native of this sign believes that you cannot find love so easily, although he would like to. He often feels that what is happening to him is too good to be true because he has been hurt too many times before opening up again.


This native is very skeptical and believes that if you say I love you to a man, it means that you will become his subject. He will feel much better if he just responds to this statement or if he is not the first to address these romantic words.


The Gemini native believes that love evolves too quickly and somewhat guards his heart. She is afraid of the intensity of the relationship in which she is engaged and believes that it is based solely on hormones and desires.

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The Cancer native is too shy. Inwardly, she wishes for a perfect love story, where her partner gets down on one knee and declares his love like in a romantic movie. However, he knows he shouldn’t get his hopes up too high.


The native of this sign fears that her partner will not be there for her in the long run. She needs confirmation upon confirmation, and big words don’t impress her much unless they come with big deeds.


Virgos are proud, but also modest people. They won’t say I love you to their partner if they haven’t been courted for days on end.

This proves to them that he is loyal, trustworthy and an excellent lover in the bedroom. She’s secretly afraid she’ll be dumped before she gets to enjoy all of this!


The Libra native wants his partner to be the first to say I love you. He will show his love in many ways, but he will never take the first step in saying these two magic words.

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Scorpio acts mysteriously because it believes that these words do not mean much. He wants his partner’s love, but he will always be ashamed to answer it.

He believes that the key to reaching someone’s heart lies in actions, not words.


This native is afraid to get attached to someone. He will rather leave his partner than admit that he is in love. He believes that saying I love you is like putting someone in a cage, so he chooses to be independent.


This native is afraid of becoming vulnerable. He needs comfort and security, so he will wait until he actually meets his chosen one.


Aquarius is an ambivalent person, so he is afraid that if he says these big words, he won’t feel the same the next morning.


This native believes that love is a mystery that cannot be discovered through ordinary words. By saying these things, he believes that love will lose its magic and beauty.

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