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How you show your jealousy, depending on your zodiac sign

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Almost all of us have been jealous at some point. Jealousy includes a variety of different emotions, and the zodiac sign can reveal a lot about the person in question!


No matter how confident and responsible an Aries may seem, he often has an underlying insecurity. If you have a relationship with such a native, prepare for a multitude of emotions and experiences. The truth is, he likes drama quite a bit.


Taurus is stubborn and doesn’t like to put their feelings on the tray in front of people. Since he is very rational, he is not too jealous. If he has any suspicions, he will follow his instincts. If the end result is what he feared, then he will most likely end things quietly and not cause a scene.


It is a challenge for Gemini to be faithful, but this does not stop them from having expectations from their partners. They easily say they are jealous to make you waste a lot of time appeasing them and keeping you busy.
They keep their emotions under control very well, and their jealousy is fake.


Cancer is not too jealous because when he starts a relationship with someone, he is completely in love and expects the same in return. If he is still jealous, then he will keep everything inside him until it turns into resentment. After betraying a Cancer, he will never forgive you!


Whatever you do, don’t give more attention to anyone than a Leo. Almost anything can make him jealous and he won’t hold back from showing or telling you this. He doesn’t think you have to do many things and everything bothers him.


Virgo likes to keep your emotions under control, although she is an extremely jealous person. It is enough to look into her eyes and you will be able to see her true feelings. If he suspects something, he will not confront you until he has analyzed the situation in the smallest detail and he will not be able to trust you again.

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The native of this sign wants two things: to be pleasant and to avoid conflicts. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to be insecure and can become jealous. Since he would do anything to avoid a confrontation, he will hide his jealousy until he feels able to talk about it openly.


Scorpio is the most jealous of all the zodiac signs. However, he can control this feeling very well and is able to channel it into more productive areas.


Sagittarius is rarely jealous, and even if they are, they won’t admit it. However, he has a big problem with cheating and won’t forgive or forget if he suspects you of it. The safest thing is to assure him that he has no reason to be jealous and give him the arguments he needs to calm down.


Capricorn is jealous all the time, but will never talk about it. The good thing is that it doesn’t last long and he only has thoughts or feelings that quickly disappear and that he immediately forgets…but only until the next time.


Aquarians are unpredictable and do not put their feelings on the tray in front of anyone. They are not really jealous, and if it sometimes happens, they don’t waste time and move on without offering any explanation.


Pisces are the least jealous of all the zodiac signs. They are empathetic and very aware of other people’s feelings. If it does happen, their natural compassion prompts him to get over it quickly. However, they demand fidelity, loyalty and attention.

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