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For the Torelli, there is a favorable aspect of Mercury, planet of cunning, at the gates of the first autumn weekend … Your charm is reflected both in emotional relationships and in the professional environment. You will be concise in your speeches and your messages will pass easily.


Mercury, who rules Communications and Travel, is at an easy time for your Water sign, starting on the first day of autumn! You will be very determined and clear-headed in achieving your goals. Beautiful surprises await you both in the professional field and in the emotional field.


Beginning with this first autumn day, there is a cheerful conjunction of Mercury, which rules Communications and Travel, for Virgo … Your star ruler makes you very enterprising. You will be able to fascinate someone you like very much, both professionally and privately …


With autumn, the planet of Communication is in the Field of exaltation, for Aries … You will know how to place yourself in any situation, professional, family, friend or erotic. In any context, you will use the right words and get positive feedback from your interactions.


For you Capricorn, Mercury is in pleasant transit, at the gates of the weekend that gives a good morning to autumn. You will be very focused on achieving the goals you have set for yourself. You can make excellent acquaintances, to whom you will appear as valuable people to date.


Mercury, the star of intelligence, is in the House of Economies, for your sign, now that autumn begins. In the professional field, you will be very active and will be positively evaluated by your superiors. In your feelings, you will be pragmatic and you will take home the result,

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A tasty aspect of the planet of Communication is taking place, for Cancer, with the official entry of autumn. You will be very precise in the professional field. In love, there will be beautiful exchanges thanks to your sympathy and an elegance that others cannot really boast.


Now that the weekend is approaching, for you Aquarius, the difficult position of Mercury, star of intelligence, ends! There will be good news, in interpersonal relationships as in professional ones. Your communication improves. There will be new friendships and affections.


There is a disharmonious aspect of Mercury, star of intelligence, for you of Sagittarius, with the arrival of autumn! You should keep your attitude open and available. If you insist on being firm on your ideas, you won’t earn points with who you like more than others.


For your Air sign, Mercury is in a complicated arrangement with the onset of autumn. You will be a little too sure of yourself. It will not be easy for you to accept different views and opinions from yours. It’s a shame. From the comparison, truly winning ideas could arise.


Mercury, the star of Communication, is found, for you of Libra, in the House of Secret Enemies, starting from the day that starts autumn! You don’t have to be uncompromising when someone suggests a different way to do things. On the contrary, different ideas will be successful.


The star that regulates Travel and Communication, is in dissonant opposition, starting this Friday … You will have a somewhat aggressive way of doing things. Try to understand why people tell you things you don’t like very much at this juncture. You may find that you are wrong!

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