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There is a favorable transit of our satellite! Your grip on others allows you to achieve, in love relationships, goals and objectives that previously seemed inconceivable … The people who attract you most will seem close at hand. So stretch out your arm!


During these days, it would definitely be profitable to take advantage of what comes up. Our satellite transits in elegant conjunction, for you Leoncini, in the middle of the week … There are tempting renovations, both in the family and in use! Be ready for the news.


For you Arietini, an easy position of the nocturnal star continues, this Wednesday … Those who intrigue you will consider you convinced of what you do and you will gain success even in the workplace. You have a remarkable charm, which makes you appear different from others, in this period.


This Wednesday, the night star is in the astrological house of feelings, for Pisces … You will be greatly appreciated, when you dedicate yourself to the passion. Everything will go the way you like it, even with regards to daily tasks. The superiors will know how to make you merit.


The Moon is still in positive transit, on the day propitious to your sign. With the help of your elegant manner, it will be easy for you to bewitch someone who only now notices your presence! In any branch of the existential path you are intrigued, you will be successful.


The night star is in a pleasant moment today! You will receive easy compliments and the people you prefer will find you quite pleasant. You will be able to solve even the most difficult episodes. With the support of your charism, you will be able to attract the attention of a different person.

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The Moon transits into the field of transformation, for you Capricorn, in the middle of the week … overnight, a person who bored you will become friendlier and will give you useful information! The usual circumstances will enrich themselves even at a time when it did not seem possible to you.


More sobriety is required, to be as seductive as you expect! A dissonant aspect of the Moon occurs in the middle of the week. Given that you expect to constantly lead, the people you care about will find you too difficult to approach. Be more available!


The Moon, your guiding star, is, for the second day, in the House of material goods today. We see the possibility of an important activity in the sphere of money … Avoid that laziness makes it impossible to take advantage of this opportunity. A bet can satisfy you.


The Moon is always in the twelfth astrological house, for you of Virgo, this Wednesday … Although several people do not help you, the professional day will go smoothly to an end. Check out an alleged colleague who wants to take something he knows is not his!


Why don’t you convince yourself to exhibit superior modesty, both in business and emotional relationships? Even on this day, for you Torelli, our satellite is in a complicated arrangement! Your favorite people will find you not very intriguing, since you aspire to dominate.


If you don’t feel very understood, don’t worry. Before you know it, everything will turn out for the best … For you Aquarius, a complicated aspect of our satellite followed today! You expect to be in constant command. At least in love, don’t do it!

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