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The 3 zodiac signs of men who lead in the relationship

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Make sure you know who can harm you, even if unintentionally, and how you can resolve the situation.

Sometimes it’s better not to waste your time with a person who wants to change or control you, so find out who to avoid.


The Virgo man wants to be in absolute control and is a very analytical and critical person. He does not create strategies to lead others, but simply does it by his nature. He is also very shy, and sometimes this works against love. He is the kind of man who does not want to lead someone on purpose or to feed his pride.


The Libra native hates being alone and doesn’t like confrontations. However, he likes to always be right and has an extremely high pride. He cannot bear to be treated from above, he does not accept to receive orders, at least from the person he loves. Although she acts like a rooster at home, most of the time she is a hen in society. He allows himself to be manipulated very easily, but not by the person he loves, towards whom he wants to impose his so-called masculinity.

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Scorpio is a fair and sometimes extremely direct person.

He likes to talk and impose himself in front of those around him, managing to create a relationship of subordination with others. He treats his life partner a little above and very easily switches from a friendly tone to a brutal one if something doesn’t go his way!

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