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The star that regulates Travel and Communication transits in the harmonic moment, for you Capricorn, starting from this day. You are very nice, even in moments when the mood is not at its best. You will know how to talk to a very attractive, but very demanding person.



Starting today, for Virgo, the planet of Travel and Communication is in happy conjunction. There are many new situations, and they are all interesting. During the holidays, you will feel ready for adventure and have fun with little. Someone new finds you fascinating.



For you Scorpios, Mercury, the star of Communication, is in an advantageous moment, starting this Thursday. You will be very communicative. People you like will look at you with new eyes. You will be very funny on social occasions. You will impress someone.



An easy position of Mercury is in progress, for you Taurus, today. You will be very specific in the coming weeks. It is the right time to undertake a rather important activity, which however was not at the center of your thoughts. The chances of success increase.



For your Fire sign, Mercury, the planet of cunning, shows up in the House of Duties today. You will be very attractive, both from a professional point of view (especially if you are looking for a job), and from the point of view of affection. Eros is on the shields in the coming weeks.



From today, for you of Cancer, there is an easy position of the star that regulates Travel and Communication. You will be able to be very precise in putting into practice the actions necessary to achieve your goals. Your loved one will agree with your vision and plan.



For your Fire sign, the Planet of Communication is in the Astrological House of Economies, starting this day. It means that you have both the intelligence and the intuition to bring home good results, which improve not only your mood, but also your bank balance!

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Starting with the day that is favorable to you, an unpleasant aspect of the planet of Communication is underway, for you of Sagittarius. You will be too convinced that you know more than the others. A person who thought you were nice, and was interested in you, might change his mind. Reassure her.



For Aquarius, Mercury, who rules Communications and Travel, shows up in the House of Regeneration today. People you like will find you agreeable too, thanks to your empathic and attentive attitude. You will know how to deal with hot topics.



On a favorable day for your sign, for you Pisces, a complicated aspect of Mercury is formed. In the coming weeks, you will be gloomy towards those who propose a different way to experience things. Still, you Pisces should be dreamers! Be more open to diversity.



For you Gemini, there is a dissonant stance of your star ruler, starting this Thursday. Be careful not to be uncompromising either in profession or in love. We need to talk to more than one person before forming an opinion on a certain phenomenon!



From this Thursday, Mercury is in the Field of Trials to pass. You have to remain open-minded. If you stay on your ivory tower, you will not notice a new phenomenon, which could bring news on the profession as well as in private life. If you notice it, of course.Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 5th August 2022

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