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The Kind Of Man You Should Expect, Depending On Your Month Of Birth

The month you were born can give you valuable clues about the perfect man worth waiting for!

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You have to wait for that man who can keep up with your ambitious and hardworking nature. You deserve someone who is not intimidated by your success, but who is willing to go with you and support you when you need it.
You have to wait for that man who is curious and patient with everything but especially with you. You are a rather unpredictable person, now you are adventurous, and in the next minute, you are calm. Find that time to love all these aspects, from the bright to the vulnerable.
Wait for that man who is able to take care of you as you take care of him. You are such a sincere, thoughtful, and compassionate person that you deserve a guy who loves and admires these qualities of yours, and not those that are only to his advantage. You deserve someone to put you first.April
Wait for that man who falls in love with your strong personality and does not let himself be intimidated by it. You are not afraid to say what you feel and believe, and many men in the past have not been able to handle this. You deserve someone who is confident enough that he will not run out of your way.

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for that man who can handle your pace. You are a focused person, dedicated to your passions and very motivated and you need someone who is just like you. You deserve a guy who wants each of you to have your own separate life, but who wants to evolve together in a partnership based on support and encouragement.

She’s waiting for that man who’s willing to be open and emotionally vulnerable. In the past, your sensitivity and compassion led you to be with people who needed to take care of them.

And while it’s a good thing to be with someone who’s been through hardships, it’s not your job to solve their problems. You deserve to be with a person who is as vulnerable and loving to you as you are.

Wait for that man who just wants to be you. You are a friendly person and you have a lot of friends. You deserve a guy who accepts that you are so loved and that you attract the world like a magnet and he loves you for it. Be the one who doesn’t make you feel like you have to change something about yourself to be sure of yourself.

Wait for that man to tell you what to hear, not what you want to hear. You have the personality of a leader, people admire you, listen to you and want to be like you. You deserve a guy who respects you for these things and loves you for the power you show. Relationships need to be uniform and balanced and you need someone to support you without fear.

Wait for that man who loves your passion for knowledge, experience and evolution. You never want to stop learning and you deserve someone to embark on this journey with you. Although you are a curious and passionate person, you have problems with emotional openness. So you need a guy who isn’t afraid to dig deep and challenge you to be a little bolder in expressing your feelings.

Wait for that man who won’t get your warmth, kindness and affection ready. You need someone who appreciates you and will never try to take advantage of you. You deserve a guy who is as loving as you and who brings joy into your life, not suffering.

Wait for that man who really wants to know you and who is constantly trying to understand you.

You are extremely focused, hardworking and creative, but you can also be calm and sometimes withdrawn. You deserve a guy who loves all this with you, but also who constantly strives to learn more and more about you, to get to know you and to make you feel comfortable.

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Wait for that man who loves to have fun with you. You have such a radiant and playful personality, so you deserve someone who folds with you, not someone who wants to change you. So find that guy who appreciates you, loves to joke, and can have a deep conversation with you.

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