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Today’s Horoscope 9th July 2022

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from 21 March to 19 April

“With the approach of the weekend, the difficult transit of the Moon for you of Aries is resolved. The harmonies with family members become stronger; you will receive news to be considered indispensable. Why don’t you run to start a new path? chance for beautiful renovations. ”


from 20 April to 20 May

On the day of the week that is positive for you, our satellite shows itself in dissonant opposition, to Taurus. You will be extremely possessive towards your loved one, without justification. You might think that you are not worthy of confidence from someone who finds you suspicious.


from 21 May to 21 June

On this day, as far as you Twins are concerned, our satellite shows up in the House of daily chores. The people you work with will find you ready to deal effectively with the details of your duties. In love, you feel satisfied protagonists.


from 22 June to 22 July

The Moon, your guiding star, transits in pleasant transit for Cancer from today. By virtue of the shrewdness – which makes you stand out these days – you won’t find it hard to please someone who loves enterprising people. Whoever said this someone is selective and difficult?


from 23 July to 22 August

What frightens you when it comes to showing more attention to what others are saying? At the gates of the weekend, for you exponents of Leo, an unpleasant position of the nocturnal star is formed. People you like will get the idea that you are not very open to dialogue.


from 23 August to 22 September

This Friday, for Virgo, a favorable aspect of the Moon is starting. Your acumen grants you to achieve goals and goals that you would not have dreamed of before this month of July. People who care about you will get the idea that you are almost irresistible and that you will feel at your best.


from 23 September to 22 October

For you of Libra, our satellite transits the House of Money, starting today. There are new ideas on the subject of money. Consider the present opportunities: even if at times you are pessimistic, your work will bear excellent results. Certain deals, which you had snubbed, turn out to be convenient.


from 23 October to 21 November

At the gates of the weekend, the nocturnal star passes in cheerful conjunction, as far as you Scorpioncini are concerned. The chance of a beautiful and unusual situation is approaching. Do not be lazy and try to carry out those actions that will make you protagonists of the adventures that are outlined.


from 22 November to 21 December

The night star is found in the 12th house. Although there is a person who speak well of you neither with colleagues nor with superiors, you will get professional satisfactions that should not be underestimated. Don’t put yourself under too much stress, though – sleep problems can occur.


from 22 December to 19 January

At the gates of the weekend, for your Earth sign, a positive aspect of the Moon is formed. You will find that you are considered more pleasant than normal. At work, you can take steps forward. You will be able to flatter someone very attractive, who has so far been evasive.


from 20 January to 18 February

You should relate to others less aggressively. There is a complicated aspect of the Moon taking place as far as you Aquarius are concerned as the weekend approaches. Those who love you will soon get the impression that you want to fight. Be more peaceful and always clarify everything.


from February 19th to March 21st

As for you Little Fishes, there is a nice aspect of the Moon in progress now that the weekend is approaching. During this cycle, you will feel much sought after, in emotional and erotic relationships, by virtue of a beautiful disposition of mind and with the help of an important intuition.

Today’s Horoscope 9th July 2022

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