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The Relationship Reminder Each Zodiac Needs In July 2022

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If your connection is real, physical distance isn’t going to pull you apart.


Your relationship status is unrelated to your beauty, your intelligence, or your sense of worth.


Space can be healthy. Time to yourself can help you grown, mature, blossom.


Don’t rush the natural progress of your relationship. You don’t have to get married tomorrow.


If you’re wrong for each other, the timing is never going to be right. 


People who want to be in your life will actively make space for you in their life.

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Missing them isn’t an indication you belong with them.


You have the rest of your lives to spend together. You still have plenty of time to do everything you want to do in the future.


Their love shouldn’t have conditions, it shouldn’t feel so restrictive.


Your love alone doesn’t have the power to change them.


If they really loved you, they would never ask you to put up with poor treatment.


Don’t think of your loneliness as a bad thing. Maybe it’s a sign you are finally ready to accept love.

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