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At the beginning of the week, for you Twins, a smooth aspect of our satellite followed. You can take on new ideas. But be careful not to make people who trust you think that you are ready to abandon everything. Know that you are balanced.



The sympathy and the smile, which distinguish you during this stage, allow you to attract the attention of someone you are getting to know and your friends have painted you as difficult. For you Aquarians, the Moon is in a pleasant moment today.



“At the beginning of the week, the Moon is in comfortable transit, for you of Libra. You will have a certain making of socializing, returning to the usual tasks. You will like an individual who considers himself superior to others; not because he is narcissistic, but because it actually has an edge. ”



For you Capricorn, the night star is in the House of Duties at the beginning of the week. For what concerns the daily tasks, you will be good at evaluating everything, from the most important situations to the small details. But don’t work too hard to enjoy what goes around eros.



With the help of your ability to understand others and make yourself understood, you will gain the attention of a person who in the profession is known for his skill but also for his charm. For you Leo exponents, a favorable position of the Moon is in place. It makes you intuitive.



Hurry to take full advantage of the opportunities that arise when returning to work. Alternatively, a colleague who doesn’t deserve as much as you will. The night star is, for your Earth sign, in the House of material goods on this day. You have to be alert.



At the beginning of the week, an easy disposition of the night star continues, for you of Aries. Even today you will appear willing to communicate. This eventuality will not fail to bear fruit both with colleagues and with someone whose opinions (and features) you really like.



At the beginning of the week, the Moon is (for the last day) in a tiring position, for you Little Fishes. For you to be as seductive as you are used to, you need to show more stability. People around you will find you less loyal than usual. Deny them soon.



It would be the case not to miss certain occasions. The night star is in the astrological house of reorganization for Scorpio today. An inter-individual relationship, which has now become problematic, will soon become easier, to the advantage of whoever is alongside you.



When the daily chores are resumed, the night star is still in an awkward position for your Earth sign. Pay attention to the words of superiors, who expect you to listen to them well. Don’t miss out on an indication that you absolutely must follow today.



Even today, for Cancer, the Moon, your protector star, passes through the astrological House of the tests to be overcome. There is a risk of coughing: do not do it in and out of hot and cold environments. Then be careful not to reveal a fact that they have asked you to keep a secret.

12 °


For you exponents of Sagittarius, a dissonant position of our satellite followed on this day. If it seems to you that you are not understood, do not be disdained. Soon, things will be more understandable. The people you care about will think you are less fond of than they would hope.

Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 28th June 2022

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