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Today’s Horoscope 24th June 2022

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from 21 March to 19 April

As of today, as far as you are concerned, Venus – finally – transits at a favorable moment. Like the Sun, the star of love infuses you with new energies, and an optimistic attitude that leads you to get noticed by very different people (but all equally fascinating.)


from 20 April to 20 May

For you Taurus, the planet of love and friendship is in the Astrological House of Economies, starting today. Your thoughts will certainly be intelligent, but you will have a tendency to take excessive risks in joy. Know how to weigh the pros and cons of everything, even in love.


from 21 May to 21 June

From this day on, as far as you Gemini are concerned, the star of feelings is in elegant conjunction. There are new opportunities in every context. In love, you will be appreciated both by the usual people and by someone who faces your life with a disruptive force.


from 22 June to 22 July

This Thursday, for you Cancers, the planet of affections is in the House of the unconscious. Be careful not to open up too much to someone who has not yet shown that they care about you. Be careful not to reveal all the cards and, as a good poker player, bluff if necessary.


from 23 July to 22 August

On this day, for you Leoncini, a comfortable aspect of the star of affections is formed. Your communicative talent, superior to the common one, allows you to fascinate people who do not easily give confidence. You will be able to become their confidants and earn a place in their heart.


from 23 August to 22 September

There is a complicated aspect of the star of love and friendship, for you of the Virgin, starting from this day. Be careful not to appear too butterfly. Your loved one will wonder why you are so distracted. Know how to give it some extra attention to cheer it up.


from 23 September to 22 October

As for you Libra, an agreeable position of your star governor is underway, starting today. The person you like most finds you funny. He wants to spend more time with you. Don’t get too absorbed in work or study. Pay more attention to her.


from 23 October to 21 November

As of today, the disharmonious transit of Venus ends, as far as you Scorpions are concerned. You won’t look as possessive as you did in the past few weeks. Your loved one now finds you more open and tolerant. She will want to be very close to you again.


from 22 November to 21 December

On a favorable day for your sign, for you Sagittarius, a dissonant aspect of the star of feelings begins. It seems to you that the usual affects are not as exciting as you remembered. Your loved one needs to feel present. Before looking around, look at him.


from 22 December to 19 January

The planet of feelings transits, for you Capricorn, in the House of Health and Work, from today. You can appear more sensual and pleasant than usual. If you dedicate yourself to the art of amatory, you will have the satisfaction that you would not have suspected. At work or in the studio, things will be simplified.


from 20 January to 18 February

For your Air sign, there is a harmonious Venus aspect from this Thursday. Your sympathy is higher than usual. The people you like best cannot help but think that you are intellectually above average … And that you know how to dress in a way that stands out.


from February 19th to March 21st

The planet of love is in a complicated arrangement, for you Little Fishes, starting from the lucky day for your sign. Your romance gives way to a somewhat superficial way of life that doesn’t suit you. Your loved one needs to feel more dedicated to them.

Today’s Horoscope 24th June 2022

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