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4 Signs Of Women Who Can Hardly Be Conquered

Sometimes you have to work hard and arm yourself with a lot of patience to conquer the person you like.

Love is complicated, but sometimes the road to it can be quite fun if you know how to act. While some girls respond immediately to advances or flirtations, others prefer to take a step back and let you fight to capture their interest and gain their affection.

You may think that everything should be much simpler and that all people should recognize their feelings. Well, it may not be the case that the person doesn’t want to say what they feel, but they just won’t give you that information right away. Be patient and play together!

It’s nice for a girl to be invited to the theater or to meet you “by chance” in the places she frequents, a little pursuit doesn’t hurt! If he sees you insisting, it means you’re interested, but he wants to see how far you can go to win his heart. If you give up easily, the game is over. She will want to look disinterested in you, even if she feels the opposite.

So you have to be willing to do something that really impresses her or you can say goodbye to her.

Don’t worry, with patience, romantic gestures and flirtation you can get what you want and she wants it in the end. Don’t hold back from the old-fashioned gestures our fathers used to make when they were young, they still catch on like that! And besides, isn’t it better to give her flowers than to buy her an expensive piece of jewelry to reach her heart?

Find out the zodiac signs that are hard to beat:


The twins are curious and carefree, but they are also very intelligent and sometimes anxious. They have a double personality that keeps you on your toes, but that’s the fun after all. The native of this sign is not one who is immediately involved in a relationship but will want to fight for her love. But don’t let that scare you! She may be spontaneous and eccentric, but she is afraid to let anyone into her life. Don’t give up, because what awaits you after this period of flirting and confusing games is the strongest love you will ever experience.

The Gemini native is passionate and is looking for a man with the same thirst for life as her, even if it means hanging around for a while.


Libra doesn’t like being alone. Her priority in life is to look for someone who is compatible with her because she wants nothing more than balance and a peaceful relationship. But it will take some time before she realizes what that balance entails and who that person should be because she is a very undecided person. So, if you’re dealing with a Libra native, chances are she’ll keep you waiting. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a relationship with you. She is very dedicated and loving, so it is very important for her to find someone who treats her the same way. She might let you hunt her for a while, while she tests you. She is a queen and she knows it. Libra wants to make sure you put her first in the relationship and treat her the way she deserves.

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He is the kind of person who can respond to your message immediately but ignore you completely in the next few days. Mood swings and unpredictability are part of the whole action because he likes the complex game.


The native of the Scorpio sign is extremely stubborn. She really likes to be right and everything comes out like her, so if she catches someone like her, then she’ll start running away, enjoying every moment of the chase. She doesn’t like passive men. In other words, he wants some time to do whatever it takes to win. She is known for her crazy side, but she can be cool and calm when she wants to make a guy want her. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. She will draw you with her mystery and keep you in suspense, making you go back and forth after her.


The Capricorn native cares a lot about her independence. She went through a lot and never forgot any of her experiences, so she is not interested in getting involved in a relationship with a man who is not worth her time.

She is very good at self-control, so she knows how to keep your emotions as hidden as possible when someone new appears in the landscape. It is very difficult to conquer because of the walls it has built around it. It takes time to reach her heart, but once the baths are broken, she will be faithful to you to the end. It does not allow people to approach it too quickly, so the most natural response to one’s interest is to act disappointingly.

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