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What Makes You Laugh The Loudest, Depending On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone knows that laughter is good for the soul.

But what amuses someone can be completely amusing to someone else.

Some zodiac signs laugh at the simplest joke, while others prefer a more sarcastic and darker humor. Here’s what makes you laugh the loudest, depending on your zodiac sign!

What are the things that make you laugh according to your zodiac sign?

1. Aries: physical comedy and total nihilism
Aries is a visual creature, amused by physical jokes and nihilistic comedy. He is not so impressed by the long stories and would rather see human cannons in comedies.
2. Taurus: icy jokes and timeless comedy
Bulls often return to the classics when it comes to comedy. They appreciate gentle but intelligent humor with hidden meanings. They also appreciate a good script and tend to be impressed by well-written British comedy.
3. Gemini: clever anecdotes and funny stories
Nothing amuses a native in Gemini more than a funny story. He likes humor to be served in many layers and come up with unexpected surprises. He likes comedies in which he discovers new jokes every time he sees them again.
4. Cancer: strange humor
The native in Cancer is very sensitive and is amused by parodies about the human condition. He has fun when he can discover the funny side of seemingly ordinary situations. He likes the weird humor, the one he wouldn’t want to look at, but can’t look away.
5. Leo: Outrageous humor and stand-up comedy

Lions are usually up to date with the latest comedies.

They are fans of ridicule and outrageous humor. The more absurd it is, the better. These natives are always looking for stand-up shows that push the boundaries. And they like improvisations.

6. Virgo: sarcastic humor
Virgos often have a very sarcastic sense of humor. They discover humor even in the darkest places and amuse themselves with comedies that address taboos.
7. Libra: musicals and bold lyrics
Libra natives appreciate all types of musical comedy. They love clever and funny lyrics and always appreciate humor. And if you add a little innocent nonsense, these natives will be absolutely delighted.
8. Scorpio: Black humor
Scorpio chooses black and dangerous humor. He wants to be shocked and taken to a place where the moral compass is going crazy. It’s about discovering humor in difficult situations.
9. Sagittarius: any kind of humor
Sagittarius does not have such a specific preference when it comes to humor. He likes everything from stand-up comedy to musicals. He is often drawn to taboo comedies.
10. Capricorn: smart humor
Cleverly, Capricorn isn’t too funny about light jokes, but he prefers clever comedies. He is not a big fan of British humor, but he often sees a comedy where others see a drama. This is because he is on the thin line between seriousness and intelligence.
11. Aquarius: brain comedy
Aquarius are political creatures who prefer brain comedy when they want to laugh. They like British comedy shows or classic American comedy.
12. Pisces: physical comedy, with an absurd note
Pisces prefer special effects and visual style. They will laugh out loud when they have an absurd sense of humor in their lives. They are also fans of comedy that includes stunts, magic or even ventriloquism.

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