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For you exponents of Capricorn, a comfortable position of Mercury is in place, starting from this beginning of the week. You will be very patient and, if necessary, you will be able to wait for the corpse of the enemy on the river bank. In love, surprises will come that will make you happy.


From today, for you Virgo, there is a pleasant aspect of the planet of Communication. You will be patient even when everyone loses their temper. The return to work will make you score points that your competitors will not find easy to recover. Stay ahead.


From this Monday, for you members of Taurus, there is a positive aspect of the planet of Travel and Communication. You can make important decisions that you have been putting off from before since the pandemic. However, it is advisable to talk to someone who is very trustworthy, before pressing the button!


An easy position of Mercury, star of Communication, begins with regards to you Little Fishes on this day. You are rich in intuition that will help you in your profession, making returning to work more bearable. Even in love, however, you will immediately understand certain situations.


An advantageous aspect of Mercury, planet of cunning, occurs for your Water sign, from the day that is positive for you. You will be able to present yourself elegantly. Your intuition will allow you to understand what is happening to a person who is becoming more and more important to you.


From this beginning of the week, Mercury, who rules Communications and Travel, is, for you Arietians, in the House of material goods. Make sure you are dating the right people to be successful. Do not have an attitude of sufficiency: you need to be more determined.


The planet of Travel and Communication is in the Field of Passion, for you of Sagittarius, from this day. Your grip on others is amplified. Do not limit your ability to impress others, both professionally and in love and sex.

8 ° – LIBRA

Starting from this day, the opposition of the star that regulates Travel and Communication ends, as regards you Bilancine. You are freer to discuss important topics both in professional life, which resumes today and in love. You will have a larger audience than usual.


At the beginning of the week, the planet of Communication enters a difficult position for you of Leo. Do not be lazy: there are those who are waiting for your move to get closer. There are good opportunities both in interpersonal relationships and in the profession. The world is waiting for you!


For Scorpio, a grueling aspect of Mercury, governing Communications and Travel, begins at the beginning of the week. The opposition of the star brings you slowdowns that you may not be able to afford. Try to be more responsive, especially if someone points out that they like you.


At the beginning of the week, for you exponents of Aquarius, a dissonant position of Mercury, the star of intelligence, is formed. You will be slowed down a bit, just you who want to arrive at your destination soon! Your loved one will ask why you are so reluctant to step forward.


For you Gemini exponents, Mercury, your star ruler, shows up in the House of the Unconscious this Monday. You are a bit slowed down and, in the professional field, there are those who notice it. In love, you risk showing yourself too possessive, without even realizing it.

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Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 24th May 2022

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