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The Luckiest Days, Depending On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

In the Chinese horoscope, the year you were born dictates your sign, not the month.

For each sign, certain days of the month are especially important.

Find out here what your Chinese zodiac sign is!

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It could be the best day for you to meet someone special or make a significant investment, for example. For Rat, the 4th and 13th of each month are the luckiest.


People born under the sign of the Buffalo are extremely hardworking and always looking to solve problems. In the 13th and 27th, their strong nature will help them to achieve only good things and become even more confident.


Tigers are confident, competitive and brave. Their qualities help them to create great chances of success and wealth on the 16th and 27th of the month.


With 3 lucky days each month, 26, 27 and 29, the Rabbit has an extra chance of luck. Thanks to his ability to connect with other people, friendships, family and love will evolve these days.


Dragons are very creative and talented. In Chinese culture and legends, dragons are highly revered creatures. Although they are already highly respected, on the 1st and 16th of each month they can expect the chance to prosper in their professional life.


The snake should take advantage of his lucky days to develop his relationships because he is not usually very sociable and likes to live according to his own rules. Days 1 and 23 of each month give her the opportunity to evolve and come into the spotlight to experience the kind of positivity and optimism she often lacks.


Horses are creatures that play a huge role in the prosperity of mankind. They are connected to the fire element so that they are full of life and resilience. This is why their work and strength will be recognized on the 5th and 20th of each month.


On the 7th and 30th of each month, the Sheep will have the deepest harmony with the world around her. Their relationships will flourish and their dignity will be appreciated by others.

The monkey

Monkeys can be eccentric and fun. They make things possible and dreams come true.

On the 4th and 14th of each month, they will earn a living in their career and in their social life, plus they will become the center of attention.


Like the Dragon, the Rooster is very independent. He is a successful trendsetter and will gain notoriety on the 4th and 26th of each month.


Dogs are gentle and easily connect with humans. They want to be with others to help them. On the 7th and 28th of each month, dogs will have a pleasant atmosphere in their social life.

Wild boar

Intelligent and brave, the Pig will receive recognition for his professionalism on the 17th and 24th of each month. He will have a better chance of promotion or career advancement.

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