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The Toxic Way Each Zodiac Handles Jealousy In Relationships In june 2022

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Couples should handle jealousy in a respectful, mature way. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen. If your zodiac is going to handle jealousy wrong, this is what they’ll do based on their zodiac sign:


They will make you choose between them and the other person.

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They will snoop through your phone to find evidence of your cheating.

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They will cut you out of their life the second you look at someone else.

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They will sob about how they’re worried you want someone else.

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They will flirt with others to make you jealous and see how you like it.

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They will become overprotective and follow you everywhere.

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They will guilt trip you into staying home with them instead of leaving the house.

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They will completely change their appearance in the hopes of impressing you.

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They will get into a screaming match with you about the issue.

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They will pretend everything is fine even though they’re dying inside, and the resentment will build.

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They will break up with you immediately.

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They will talk shit about you on social media and to every friend.

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