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Why Are Pisces So Hard To Understand?

Most of the time, Pisces keep their thoughts well hidden and you can hardly get to know them.

They are gentle, loving, caring people, and they have a heart of gold, but they can easily be overwhelmed by their own conflicting feelings and thoughts. Another world unfolds in their heads that they want to explore to the fullest. Pisces are certainly dreamers of the zodiac, and they have an extremely strong creative side. However, they often feel misunderstood by those around them and thus may become slightly depressed if they feel that their voice is not heard. Pisces has a lot to offer people, only they have to try to understand it.

Why is Pisces so hard to understand?

They are too closed in on themselves.

They want people to understand them, but they don’t always have the words to express exactly what they feel or need. Certainly, they think too much, which makes it difficult to get in touch with others.

The fish finally open, but they need time. Treat them with love, respect and understanding and they will trust you in the end. They are easily overwhelmed by the world and find solace in their creativity and imagination. Start talking about fantasy, art or anything creative and you’ll see them come back to life and join the conversation.

Pisces like to run away from reality quite often

Pisces can quickly become disinterested in the modern world because it is too exhausting for them. People move so fast that it’s hard for them to keep up, so they like to take refuge in their own thoughts. Fish don’t want to be rude or distant, but the world makes them tired. Understand this about them and you will be able to be companions in their dream world.

They want to get closer to people, but they are afraid that they will be hurt

. Because they are so caring, people often take advantage of their kindness. They want to have a close relationship, but because they have been hurt in the past, they live in fear of approaching someone. If you give them a chance, the chances of having a good relationship with them will increase.

Pisces are very sentimental.

They give their heart to anyone who feels they deserve it. They fall in love easily and are hurt because of it. Pisces tries to see what is best in humans and continues to do so even after they have been injured. However, once you have harmed them, they will forgive, but they will never forget. They have high expectations in relationships and often fall to the ground because of their standards.

They want to believe in a better world, but after being hurt so many times, their patience and hope begin to wane.

They need a long time alone

The fish get tired quickly due to the agitation around them and they need a long time to recharge their batteries. However, they also want relationships, support, and love, so they need a healthy balance. Whether you’re a friend or a loved one, don’t forget to let them go too far. After all, Pisces would not survive without their relationships, but it would also not function properly without loneliness. Give them personal space, but don’t forget to be around when they want to get out of their happy sanctuary.

They are very independent

Pisces want to have a close relationship, but from their point of view, they work best on their own.

They are sometimes overwhelmed by expectations in relationships and need time to focus on what makes them happy. They do not want to be alienated from others, but sometimes they do not have the energy needed for someone other than themselves. They don’t like to rely on others and prefer to use their own resources to get things done.

Why Are Pisces So Hard To Understand?

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