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Why Is Aquarius The Most Misunderstood Sign? 8 Reasons

A free and lively spirit is how most people describe Aquarius.

However, they do not know that Aquarius is more than a dreamer. Like all other signs, we do not want to be the way we are, but it is written in the stars for us to be born in a certain way. Aquarius is often ridiculed and ridiculed for the way he lives his life, which can be emotionally exhausting and discouraging. How he lives is not wrong, it is just misunderstood.

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Why is Aquarius wrongly perceived?

1. It is distant

Everyone knows that Aquarius is emotionally disconnected. He locks himself in until he meets the right person. He doesn’t want to be a difficult person, he just values ​​the madness in a man’s heart and mind so much that he can’t resonate with anyone.

He wants to love, but he can’t. But even when he does …

2. He deeply loves

When he falls in love, he is totally involved. For him it’s all or nothing. He does not play and offers everything he has the best. It doesn’t look bad until he’s injured. When Aquarius suffers in love, it is catastrophic. It will disconnect emotionally again, and this time, the wall will be even thicker. This is his mechanism of self-defense.

3. He does not consider dreaming a problem

He is often told that his dreams are unrealistic and that he needs to get back on his feet. But why? He will never understand what is so bad about dreaming. There’s nothing wrong with him because he wants to do improbable things.

He has only a little more hope than anyone else.

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4. Can’t sit still

Aquarius is in constant motion, always running and looking for the next adventure. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday night, but he can’t do the same thing every week. He perceives the world differently than others do. He understands that the world is beautiful and that it is a waste of time not to throw yourself into life. Just because he’s in Las Vegas and dreaming of going to Paris doesn’t mean he’s ungrateful or unhappy. It just means he’s looking forward to the next adventure.

5. He loves small things

His friends laugh at him because he is the one who will hold the group in place to take a picture of a beautiful tree.

Nature is beautiful and life is beautiful. If the rest of the world has actually stopped smelling roses, he won’t.

6. He is easily hurt

Whether he loses a loved one or fails, he is unhappy and has more weight on his shoulders than anyone else. Why? Because he’s connected to his soul in a different way. Aquarius lives and loves positivity, so when something negative happens, the world is turned upside down.

7. He can’t hide his feelings

When he feels something, he shows up. He puts his soul on the tray, although he would like to be able to paint smiles on his face and pretend that everything is fine, but that doesn’t work for him.

He doesn’t want pity or attention, he just wants to feel better. Sometimes he doesn’t even realize it’s happening until someone tells him he’s upset.

8. Contradictions are part of His

love so deeply, but it is so emotionless at the same time. He lets himself be carried away by the wind, but once he has a vision, he wants exactly that. He doesn’t understand why either.

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