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4 Zodiac Signs That Love To Laugh

A sense of humor means much more to some signs than others. Who appreciates a good joke?

In astrology, there are signs that do not value humor, because they prefer to be more serious. But for some, the lack of them may be a hindrance to their happiness.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine and this is perfectly true for 4 signs, who find humor to be really sexy. Sadness, stress or pessimistic thoughts will only whiten your hair faster. A little humor can brighten your day more than you think.

And if you have a friend who has had a terrible day, a joke will help him recover.

What are the zodiac signs that love to laugh?


Gemini are the ones who are always looking for something fun to do. They get bored quite easily, which means you have to have interesting and active conversations with them. If you want to keep them interested, a sense of humor is a good trick.


Leo is very sociable, loves to party and loves to be the center of attention. You can’t stop him from having fun, so you’ll have to join him.

He is a cheerful person who makes deep connections with those who know how to tell a good joke.


Sagittarius is famous for his sense of humor. Sometimes he uses it in difficult times, because this is his way of dealing with pain, anger, or unpleasant things. A good joke is the surest way to his heart.


Aquarius doesn’t seem to enjoy jokes too much, because deep thoughts always take over his mind. However, he is a sociable person and wants a company that can make him forget his worries.

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