Love letter: the unique way you express your feelings

Do you find it obsolete to think only of the idea of ​​designing a love letter? 

Be aware that the deepest feelings flow on paper, but they can often be inhibited by the blue and unfriendly screen of your smartphone or laptop.

o you find it obsolete to think only of the idea of ​​designing a love letter? Know that the deepest feelings flow on paper, but they can often be inhibited by the blue light and unfriendly screen of your smartphone or laptop.

That is why today we urge you to take a piece of paper and write, above it, “a letter for my lover.” If you feel the need, perfume it, kiss it with lipstick, make all those small and tender gestures that highlighted the passionate love between our grandparents or parents. Otherwise, write from the bottom of your heart, correct at the end (yes, he didn’t fall in love with your grammar, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful) and be inspired by our examples below!

Letter to boyfriend

We start with a letter to your boyfriend inspired by one of the most beautiful love stories in Romania, the one between Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle. Get inspired by our proposal below.



I am writing to you today, laying down on paper words that, for various reasons, my lips do not know how to utter. There will be pride, there will be fear, there will be an embarrassment. I love you so much that I know that only if I were a poet could I express how I feel. That’s why, what do you think, I turned to one, and I leave below a few lines that Veronica Micle addressed to Mihai Eminescu and in which I find myself perfectly!

“” I know I love you, and the years that have passed since I conceived this passion for you have only helped to strengthen and magnify it. Be convinced of this truth, my dear, and if the certainty of being loved by me could be enough for your happiness, lean on it and pass on to me with all the richness of your fantasy and imagination, and write lyrics with all the warmth of your soul.

… If I knew that another woman would love you like me, beyond the pain that rivalry would give me, I can assure you that I would bless her. But they do not love, they do not know how to love, true love is so rare, so painful, so sweet, so cruel, that it is better not to know, and yet I consider me happy to love you with this love that kills and saves, that punishes and that forgives, that saddens and that comforts, that I would never want to end. ”

See? Maybe the great poet knew how to say it in more beautiful words than I could ever have, but believe me, I love you with the same intensity.




Love letter for boyfriend

Do you really want to write a letter to your best lover? We help you in the lines below!


Since when have you not received a letter? I thought that too much time had passed and I decided that it was necessary to change this situation. So, here I am, coming to your gate with an epistle as in ancient times.

I want to tell you that I love you and that you are my reason for existing. It may sound like a cliché, but I never thought I could love so much, beyond words, beyond me, beyond anything. But I don’t want to fill this sheet of paper with empty words, I want to tell you why I love you so much.

I love you because you’re good. Seriously, maybe some will say you’re too good, but for me you’re perfect. You didn’t know that, but I prayed to God for a boyfriend with a heart of gold, and then I met you. But you’re not just good at me, and that’s why I love you even more. Someone said that you can only measure true goodness by your relationship with people from whom you have nothing to gain. Well, you’re not only good with the guy who brings you coffee in the morning, you’re good with the guy who steals your turn and takes it before you.

I love you because you’re smart. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I like that you always have an answer to everything, but that you don’t show off your cleverness.

I love you because you make me laugh. You have a great sense of humor, but what I like most is that you’re never sarcastic or cruel. People laugh heartily at your jokes, don’t hide in a corner, afraid they won’t be your next victim.

And last but not least, I love you for the way you make me feel. Because I melt when you look at me and because I faint a little when you smile at me. Because you caress my hair and kiss my forehead, because I fall asleep in your arms and wake up in exactly the same place. Because you can drive me crazy with one touch and because you know everything there is to know about me.

I love you! I love your hands, I love your nature, I love your eyes, I love even those parts of you that I don’t like, if you understand what I mean. You are my soul mate and the meaning of my life.

With infinite love


Letter to the longing lover

It’s a few inches away or a few inches away, but do you feel alienated? We have a short and sweet letter for your longing lover, for you.



I miss you. I miss you as much as I miss your morning coffee after a caffeine-free week. I miss you like the cherries in mid-winter and the fluffy snow in the middle of summer. I miss the way you feel about a part of you that you didn’t know you had and that is then dramatically abducted.

How long will it take before I see you? I miss! I miss every breath, I miss every second, every night the bed is empty. I also miss the moments I didn’t think I would miss: our quarrels, the mornings when we fought in the bathroom, all the times when you forgot what your toothbrush was and used mine. I miss everything and it hurts.

I’m always waiting for you.



Love letter ideas

Want a funny love letter for your forehead? Here it is, below!


You see you forgot to take out the trash. I was kidding! In fact, I wanted to write to you to tell you that I love you. Not the other way around, but yesterday at the bank they asked me to sign for the card and I realized that I don’t know how to write by hand anymore, so I thought that this letter for you is a good opportunity to practice.

I was kidding again. You know I love you. But it looks better in writing. I love you as I love a good joke, as I love the sunrise, as I love life. No way. More than I love life because, honestly, life without you would be great… you know what. So I love you more than life and you’re done, now you have the written proof to throw it at me whenever you annoy me and say otherwise.

I love you!


PS: However, you really forgot to take out the trash. ”

Another magical love letter idea is the one below.


Do you know how we met? I do. I was at that boring party whose host, it’s hard for me to say even now, was you. We played mime and we were in different teams. You were driving and it was my turn, I couldn’t wait to go home and I fell for mimicking Transformers, remember? I had no idea what it was about, and I made sure to express my anger at the person who had put on paper a film I had never heard of.

The universe wanted you to be the one who put that word on paper, that movie name that would define my whole existence. With a disarming smile and your chivalry, you apologized and invited me to see the movie in your room right then and there. We were all left speechless. Half the gang thought you were kidding, the other got angry. But I said yes, like a witch. And that’s when it all started.

I know you remember how we met. I know because every year we celebrate our anniversary by watching Transformers. In fact, all I wanted to tell you was that I love you.

Always yours


The most sensitive love letters for your boyfriend

Are you looking for those sensitive words that show him how much you love him? I’ve put them together for you in the rows below! Here is an example of a love letter that will show you how much you love him!

“My boyfriend,

You are the best thing in my life. You are the most beautiful poetry, you are the most melodic song, you are the sculpture that came out of the hands of a genius. You are a master painting, you are an unforgettable sonnet, you are rhyme and rhythm and art in one being.

I love you more than I love life because without you there would be no life. I love you more than I love the sun because without you I would never feel warm. I love you more than the moon and the stars in the sky because without you there would be no brightness. And I love you more than the air because without you I don’t want to hit him in the chest.

I just love you.



“My sweet Love,

Doesn’t it seem funny to you that a year ago we didn’t even know each other and now you’re the most important person in my life? No, you’re really my life. Time has a unique way of flowing, and I lived 27 years as one and then one as a whole existence.

And I don’t want another day without you. I want you here every morning, every evening, every sunrise and every sunset, from now on forever and ever.

Always yours


Letter to her boyfriend for his birthday

Forget about gifts, a letter is the most beautiful gift! Here is our proposed letter to her boyfriend for his birthday!

“Hey, peach,

I said I wanted a letter for my boyfriend for his birthday and here it is. Honey, today is your birthday and I say “Happy Birthday” to you with all my heart melted after you. It’s a special day, one that should be on the calendar and celebrated by all of humanity, if you ask me.

Too bad I wasn’t asked. But maybe it’s better, because I only have you for me and I only share you with my loved ones.

So, “Happy Birthday”! Long live us, sweetie!

Yours forever,


Remote boyfriend letter

He’s not near you and you’re tired of texting empty content? Here are the words we offer you!


I don’t even know when we haven’t been together anymore because I’m afraid to count the days, to feel their pressure through a number that will crush me. I miss you so much, and everything reminds me of you. Yesterday, I was looking at the sky and I saw a cloud in the shape of your lips, and today our song was heard on the radio. Everywhere I go, you are with me: in the foam drawing of the coffee drink, in conversations with friends, even in the work I have to do every day.

Nothing makes sense in your absence and I struggle to find pleasure in the activities that used to make me happy. But I miss you so much!

Can not wait to see you again!

With infinite love


Farewell letter for boyfriend

Sometimes you have to say goodbye. And putting your feelings, emotions and thoughts on paper can be so therapeutic. Here is an example of a letter to your upset boyfriend, but also full of hope.


It may seem strange to say “dear” to you how many harsh words we have thrown at each other, but no matter what happens between us, you will always remain dear to my heart. But you can love someone even when they are no longer in your life, and there is nothing between us.

I tried. Maybe you and I tried too hard to keep something alive that had no chance of survival. Our love is in a coma and we have put too much effort into ventilating it artificially.

I wish you love in the future, even if now the thought of being with another hurts me. I wish you sincere and innocent love, pure and pure love, as it once was. How will it be. I look forward to meeting you in a few years and embracing each other like true friends.

Until then, goodbye, my love!

Love letter: the unique way you express your feelings

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