How do you know if the person you’re going to date is a narcissist?

He’s been talking for some time and wants to meet you in real life. It’s charismatic, it’s appealing,

but it’s like something makes you suspicious.

He has been talking for some time and wants to meet you in real life. It’s charismatic, it’s appealing, but it’s like something makes you suspicious.

Often, simply written interaction with a person can raise questions. You don’t always have to look at her body language to realize certain things. For example, do you want to know how to identify a narcissist only from the messages he sends you?

We must mention, however: even if the potential partner ticks the elements below, it does not necessarily mean that you do not have to meet him in real life. If intuition tells you to give it a try, listen to it.

How to identify a narcissist only from text messages:

He “bombards” you with love

He is extremely gallant, generous, kind, and nice. He seems to love you from the first “hello”, even if you don’t know much about each other. He approves of everything you say, admires your intelligence, your sense of humor, and, of course, your physical appearance.

Do you know the phrase “too good to be true”? It applies perfectly here. If the person on the other end of the phone looks too good to be true, that’s probably it. Narcissists tend to mold themselves perfectly to each other’s personalities. They would do anything to impress her and gain her trust.

He ignores you and then overwhelms you again

After bombarding you with appreciation and compliments, he suddenly disappeared for a few days. He did not reply to any messages. He left you on “seen” or did what is called ghosting. After a while, he came back as if by magic and began to overwhelm you again with his flattering attention.

This type of behavior is specific to narcissistic people. They do this to create addiction and to always make you worry, and then look forward to their presence.

Talk too much about your future together

You didn’t even get to go out on a  date , because he already imagines a lot of things and tells them to you with passion. It makes you imagine how you will travel everywhere holding hands, how you will spend romantic evenings at home (yes, in his imagination, you already live together!) And how you will have two very beautiful children. Red flag!

He praises himself continuously

He tells you what salary increase he managed to get, what a beautiful car he managed to buy, how well he manages in any situation. He compares himself to other people and tells you about how he, unlike them, managed to be better.

It is normal to present yourself as well as possible in the face of a new conquest and to highlight all your strengths. But everything in moderation! If the man you are talking to never misses an opportunity to brag about his successes, you may be dealing with a narcissist.

Your conversations are focused on him

Even if he pays attention to you, he is gallant and kind, you can see how any discussion ends up being centered on his person. He writes you long paragraphs about his life or how his day was, without asking too many details about you. He could talk for hours about it, but he is quite reserved and short of answers when it comes to you.

This is a pretty clear sign that your potential lover has a narcissistic tendency.

How do you know if the person you're going to date is a narcissist?

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