Answers for HIM. 10 questions that men do not dare to ask women

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Despite the fact that most women consider themselves quite open and direct, many men struggle to understand the significance of certain things they do.

Whether it’s makeup or going to the bathroom with their girlfriends, certain feminine actions confuse men.

Here are the answers to 10 questions that most men dare not ask women:


1. Why do women spend so much time with makeup and end up looking like they didn’t?

All women have a lot of cosmetics that help them look attractive and young. Men may not know that women go through 3 main stages of skin care: cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. Every step requires time and effort, because women can’t do their beauty routine in a hurry. Only after the skin care routine is over can women start putting on make-up.

Therefore, after spending about 30 minutes in the bathroom, a woman can look natural with a minimal amount of makeup on her face. Any woman would want to snap her fingers and finish makeup in a second. But her natural appearance is a combination of skin care products, a uniform skin tone, hidden red spots and blemishes and defined eyes and lips. You can’t see them, but they are there!

2. Or do they end up looking like a totally different person?

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Creams, serums, lotions, glitter, illuminators, mascara, powder and much more fill every inch of free space in a woman’s bathroom. And yes, women love to use them all.

The makeup industry creates a product almost every month, claiming that it will dramatically change the way we look.

So women love experiments and love changes in their appearance as much as they love compliments. Don’t blame a woman for wearing too much makeup or trying on a new look.

3. Why do women love hugs so much?

All women love hugs and there are no exceptions to this rule. There is nothing better in the world than sitting in bed in front of the TV with your boyfriend or husband in your arms.

The explanation is quite simple: being held in your arms gives women a sense of security. Sharing expresses comfort, support and a desire to share personal space.

In addition, hugging can stimulate the production of oxytocin, a hormone associated with happiness.

4. Why do women go to the bathroom in groups?

This seems to bother many men. According to him, it is something that mature women do not do too often. Young girls go to the bathroom together to feel safe, to discuss intimate things, to redo their make-up or just because they want company while waiting in line.

Some women say they don’t realize they have to go to the bathroom until someone mentions it. Obviously, they don’t need anyone’s help there, but they may need to borrow their girlfriend’s lipstick or hairbrush.

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5. Why do women become so irritable during menstruation?

It depends on each woman, but in most cases, menstrual cramps can turn a woman’s life into a nightmare.

Here are the main symptoms: constant craving for unhealthy food, sugar and romance, mood swings, extremely painful cramps, and the inability to find a comfortable position to relieve pain. Who could stay calm?

6. What do women keep in their purses?

All! Women want to have every little thing that could be useful during the day. And no, it doesn’t take them forever to find their keys, because there’s a real logic to the chaos in their wallets.

Ask any woman and she will tell you exactly what she has in her bag: a wallet, a pair of sunglasses, napkins, a pen, a notebook, several lipsticks or lip balms, important documents, a compact powder, cuticle oil, hand cream and many other things I use during the day.

Another question is why women have so many handbags.

Simple to match with every outfit they have. The same answer applies to shoes.

7. Why do women spend so much time in the shower?

Taking care of their hair and body is just as important as makeup. And yes, women do apply the shower gel as in TV commercials. It’s not about cleaning, it’s about relaxation.

In addition, women with long hair use several care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, and oil. Everything takes time.

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8. What does “I’m OK” actually mean?

If a man has doubts about a woman’s answer, then he knows something is wrong. A little hint for men: pay attention to the tone!

Some women say that they activate a protection mechanism when they use “I’m fine” in response.

Others argue that it is a good way to tell a man that something is wrong and to urge him to solve the problem.

There is also a theory that defines such feminine behavior as an act that helps women to suppress aggression towards their partners.

9. Why does the raised toilet seat bother them so much?

This is the subject of many disputes between two partners living together.

Women really don’t feel like sitting on a damp, cold surface in the middle of the night because men forget to let the coil down after they defecate.

What is even worse is when men do not bother to lift the coil at all and get it dirty.

It is very important to respect our anatomy in this matter, it is a matter of common sense and hygiene.

10. How do women feel when breastfeeding?

No, breastfeeding has nothing erotic and the whole process doesn’t excite you. At first, you may feel pain and your nipples may tighten, but if the baby is not properly attached to the breast, sores may appear around the nipple, making subsequent breastfeeding bouts extremely painful.

Breastfeeding literally feels like it: a slight tingling sensation and a subsequent release.

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