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Boyfriend versus friends. Why they will never understand each other, depending on his zodiac sign

When you fall in love, you hope that your friends and your boyfriend will like each other and get along. But this may not be the case. What would be the reasons, depending on his zodiac sign?

He looks good, has a great attitude and respects you. You see a future with him, so wait for the perfect moment, then invite him to meet your friends.

Everything suddenly turns, becomes distant or even gross. Why is this happening?

We all have people we like more than others, and this is largely due to our own personalities.

We like people who look like us.

To understand why the man you care about works like this, we can look up some answers in astrology.

Here are the reasons why your friends don’t like him, depending on his zodiac sign:


Aries loves to be number one in everything, so when he sees someone who surpasses him in a certain skill, he feels threatened. Never overtake the master!


Taurus loves to relax and be in a quiet environment, so when he meets someone with too much energy and volume, he hates him instantly.


The twins aren’t very good at concentrating, so when they meet someone who speaks slowly or isn’t energetic at all, they reject him from the start.


Cancer is very sensitive and emotional and can easily take over one’s feelings or the atmosphere of a shock. If he meets someone cold or directly, he will receive him as a threat.


Leo loves fame and the idea of ​​being idolized and admired for every step he takes in his life. If someone doesn’t praise him, he certainly won’t like it.


The native of Virgo puts great value on reason, he is not a big fan of people who are guided by feelings. So, don’t expect him to care about hurting someone sensitive in your circle of friends.


The native of Libra likes to attract the attention of the people around him because that makes him happy. Therefore, do anything to stand out, it can even create conflicts with your friends.


Working hard and being very determined and ambitious is a natural thing for a Scorpio. So, if you meet someone you perceive as lazy, it won’t be a good relationship.


Sagittarius values ​​adventure. So if you meet people who prefer to stay alone in the house, then they will not be good friends.


Capricorn is a fan of meditation. Having self-control in the problems of his life is very important to him. Any distraction from his silence affects him more than anything, so he removes those who do so.


Aquarius wants to radically change the world. He feels that things need to happen quickly, so when he meets someone who disagrees with the way he thinks and acts, he deeply despises him.


Fish value creativity. Order and standards are not well received by them. So if they meet someone who is boring, they won’t be able to spend time with him.

Boyfriend versus friends. Why they will never understand each other, depending on his zodiac sign

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