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3 signs that will have a hard month. February does not bring them much joy

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In their case, the stars intensify the darkest thoughts, bringing an oppressive silence or endings.

However, negative feelings make everything look worse than it is. In reality, things are not so bad.

This month’s astral conjunctions bring negative thinking and highlight the neurotic side of these three signs.

This period is dangerous for people who have doubts and for those who already see the empty side of the glass. Now they will perceive it as broken.

February is the season of retreat and introspection. With a little care, even these 3 signs can get away with this month.

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3 signs that will have a hard month in February



Aries is the sign for which introspection was created, at least this month.

Now you look at everything that went wrong during the year.

And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else.

When you draw the line, you will feel that everything was a failure, that you are a failure. You will be judged so harshly that you almost feel like entering the land of shame and disappointment.

You will be very harsh with yourself. All you see are the mistakes you made or how you failed to achieve your goals, how you failed to meet the expectations of others or did not keep your promises.

Be gentler with yourself, remember who you are! You are the God of War, don’t let anything make you think you are less than omnipotent, and … be optimistic!

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The disappointment of not getting what you wanted and proposed this year is felt more than ever in February. Although you have excelled in many things, you are still not satisfied with yourself and you feel that you could do more and better.

You may also feel quite depressed because of your thoughts and the behavior of certain people in your life.

You are not to blame, you are not responsible for the behavior of others. Because of your successes and your native brilliance, you will be the target of enmity. Jealousy will take their minds, and if you do not go down to their level, they will not want you around.

This month you have to hold on tight and not let other people drag you into their own hell.

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As the year draws to a close, the losses and failures you have experienced invade your mind.

You are so perfectionist and ambitious than anything unfinished or finished a little worse is a failure for you.

The feeling of incompleteness is something you despise enormously, whether this is someone else’s fault or your fault, it doesn’t matter.


Also, astral influences may cause you to lie to someone to avoid confrontation. The idea of ​​lying is such a big burden for you that all you will cause is pain.

It will be a difficult month and because you will remember all the people you lost and the good moments you spent with these people.

February will be a sad time, but as it passes, you will rise and shine brighter and brighter. At work, you want perfection.

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3 signs that will have a hard month. February does not bring them much joy



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