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Zodiac: The Envious Signs That Covet Everything In 2022

Envy is a defect that generates great conflicts and there are signs that have a greater tendency to reveal this characteristic. Check out the envious signs that covet everything.

Astrology is a popular field, which appears frequently in magazines, newspapers, television programs, among other areas. Well, people recognize that it can prove to be an important tool to guide them. Astrology can help us in many ways, making us realize that each sign is different, with different characteristics. However, there are also characteristics that are shared with some of the signs, a small part. For example, there are signs that show a greater tendency towards envy…

The envy

The term envy comes from the Latin invidĭa -, with the same meaning. Envy is a feminine name that means the desire to possess something that belongs to someone else or the desire to enjoy a situation similar to that of another.

Generally, this feeling is accompanied by animosity towards the person who owns the object of covetousness, resulting in the wish that this person did not have it. Thus, envy is when someone reveals a feeling (or just feels it) for something that is not theirs. When someone covets this object, he feels envy, thus, a disgust or resentment caused by the good of another arises.

In religion, taking into account Catholic doctrine, envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Thus, we realize that it is not really a quality that one intends to exhibit… According to astrology, there are signs that tend to be more envious. There are three zodiac signs that don’t react in the best way when faced with the success of others. They can’t see anything and they are soon foaming with rage…

Zodiac: the envious signs that covet everything


This sign tends to be ambitious and hardworking. However, when someone (more) easily conquers the things that a person of this sign wants for himself, he always feels some resentment towards the successful person.


A Scorpio person does not admit to losing. This sign ruled by Mars and Pluto proves to be the typical supporter of Portuguese football, as the success of others never comes from merit. A person of this sign always thinks that the other has won by using dishonest means.


A person of this sign tends to reveal less noble feelings. For, as a general rule, they are quite jealous of others. However, they do not express the envy they feel, they keep it to themselves. A Cancer/Cancer sign is easily resentful and tends to harbor resentful feelings for others.

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