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Your closest confidante and family are the number one priority for the Taurus zodiac sign. In this regard, a lot can develop in 2021 – and especially in a potential or still fresh relationship, the next big step is imminent, which will bring you a good deal closer to your love happiness. What might not be a big deal for some is a truly extreme shift for Taurus.

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People born in the zodiac sign Virgo are usually not known for taking great risks. This changes the special energy that the universe with its planetary configuration and the current Age of Aquarius also brings to earth. Now the only important thing is that you open yourself to whatever opportunities you are given.

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Whether a change of scenery with the move to a new city or the opposite, the escape from the city into the idyll of the country life, a new professional perspective or this one inner change that you have been striving for for so long and that will finally be perfect in 2021 Point in time: As a zodiac sign Scorpio you are one of the candidates of the zodiac who will experience the most extreme change in this still young year. In a very short time you experience a real metamorphosis – and at the end of the year you leave as a fully developed, beautiful butterfly (sorry, a little kitsch is sometimes appropriate). So all your efforts are guaranteed to be worth it, so be sure to stay tuned now. It will stay exciting!

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